Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Unexpected Guest

Due to the fact that we live so far out in the boonies we don't get a lot of friends stopping by.
Yesterday I was taking out the trash and chatting with a friend on the phone when a guest showed up and it stopped me in my tracks.
I have lived here for 17 yrs and never knew there were frogs this BIG here. I have seen/heard the baby tree frogs. Have heard other noises that I thought were deer and hubby tells me it is the frogs.

Isn't he cute? He was as long and wide as a $5.00 bill. Yes, a 5.00 bill cause this boy isn't a happy meal. LOL

Back to painting the studio. I have primer on the wall so far. Pics soon I hope.
Have a wonderful week.


pywackit said...

Oh wow, he is a big boy. A couple of years ago I was rushing to run into my inlaws house in a rain storm and a big fat fellow like this one plopped right on my foot. How ya doin girl?


just me said...

he's a big one! talking to my sister on phone other night and the ones in her pond so loud i could hear them and she was inside the house!

~Tonya said...

That is one MASSIVE Frog! I see tiny ones around here, compared to him. We have also seen the sticky frogs, love those.

We have actually caught a few too. Had them swimming in a kids pool for a while...suppose they needed to take a dip. Good thing there was not any chlorine in it. LOL Was just a small kiddy pool.

Can't wait to see your studio. Your lil bug dollies are so sweet. Love the names you chose for them.

Have a great day and don't work too hard.


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Pea !

Wow... he is a monster ! Is that a bullfrog ? or a toadie frog ?

Hey, I have a girlfriend for him ! And she has two pets he would love to devour, if they were real, that is !

I have heard the big bullfrogs down the road in the swamp area of the lake, not far from my home, but haven't seen them.

Take care in that backyard !


PEA said...

Hello Cindy,
That would scare me having him jump at me in a rain storm.
I am doing well, how about you?
Have a great week.

PEA said...

Thank you so much Just me. LOL
I have had friends tell me they can hear them over the phone. I love to listen to them.
Have a wonderful week.

PEA said...

Thank you Tonya, have to laugh at the sticky frogs. LOL we call them tree frogs here.
This is certainly the biggest I have seen here. Down South they have bull frogs the sizes of kitties. Well in the swamps anyway.

I can't wait to see my studio either. LOL Oh it is still in prime state as I don't want to pull the one plastic tarp all over until the second coat of prime is on.
Thanks on the comments on my dollies. Every once in awhile a good name pops in. LOL
Have a good one.

PEA said...

you funny girl. I will have to go check out your girlfriend. He is looking for his princess I think that is why he was there. Waiting for her to take out the trash. I told DD she should have done it. LOL
Oh well kids never listen.
Have a great week.

Tracy said...

My younger brother used to chase me with these big toads.
Haven't seen a big one like that for a long time though. Thankfully LOL

PEA said...

Too funny Tracy. So you are afraid of toads huh? Not me but get a spider in my path and watch me run screaming. LOL
Have a wonderful day.

Denni said...

Wow, what a fun guest. Now where that Princess to come and kiss him??~lol. I'll send ya my princess ;)

PEA said...

LOL Deni,
she is too busy kissing her prince who some days is like a grumpy toad. LOL
Another princess? I love them send her on her way. Make sure she wears glitter so I can spot her. LOL
Big hugs,Pea

GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

Did you kiss him to see if he would turn into a hot & hunky prince :))) Hugs~~Pam

Heather said...

I would NEVER go outside again. That frog looks like something off of the Discovery Channel...BE Careful. I thought tree frogs were bad. Ha Ha