Wednesday, June 9, 2010

~ NEW~ ArT

Hello Everyone,
I created something a little bit different this month for PFATT MARKET PLACE and could not wait to share it with you. I had so much fun playing. I haven't had this much fun in a very long time. Here is a little teaser of one of them for ya. I know I am bad, just can't help myself. LOL

I have a huge mess in the studio now but it is easy enough to clean up. I hope:/
I want to make one more before I go back to doll making. I still have a small order to complete as well.

I updated my ETSY SHOPPE as well this week. I have a few more goodies to add in the next couple of days. You can find the link on the right or click on the words ETSY shoppe on the first line of this paragraph.

I had a busy day. Finished up the deadline by the skin of my teeth. LOL then off to Mom's to help her. Poor thing threw her back out and well she just can't do much. I had to take down some really ugly curtain rods that are useless to her. That was a nightmare. Of course she was up on the stool too,(STUBBORN) trying and there went her back again. She stood there and cried being in so much pain. Of course I start crying too as there is nothing I can do. I can't stand to see her cry. It just kills me.
I am gonna go back on Friday to check in on her. I hope she will get it back into place. No Doctors will touch her back. She had polio and it blew several disks because of it. They said she would never walk again and she ran after that. She is strong minded. People ask me why I am so stubborn, I reply most days... "Have you met my Mother?" LOL

On that note I think I will hit the hay early. I am simply too tired.
Have a wonderful week.
Blessings to you and yours,Pea


~Tonya said...

Love them Pea!! I bet you had fun making those. It is nice to take a break from sewing every now and then.

Terrible about your Mom's back. I hope she gets better. She needs to slow down and if you were there to help, she needs to let you do it, so things like that don't happen....but as you said, STUBBORN. I don't think I know anyone else like that. LOL

You take care. I hope you get your other altered art project done and you share with us. Can't wait to see your studio.

Have a great day.

Tracy said...

Did she hurt her back putting up the good curtains?
Hope she is feeling better soon. I really feel for you.

PEA said...

Thank you Tonya,
I tried to get mom to slow down and let me just do it but NO, she had to try. She will never quit, just isn't in her to quit.

I hope to get to my studio done soon. Here is hoping.
Have a wonderful weekend.

PEA said...
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cynthia lee designs said...

Hi Pea,
So sorry to hear about your mom's back...hope she gets to feeling better soon. My parents are up there in age and I think that it is just hard for them to let us help them...kind of hard to admit they are older and need help.
Love the peek at the butterfly you made and can't wait to see more of your new art!!

PEA said...

thanks Cindy,
So nice of you to stop by and I agree. Mom just hates not being able to do anything. she has always been a do it herself kind of gal. I know my kids won't have it much easier when I get older. UGH. LOL
Have a great weekend.

Julie Ranae said...

Beautiful work, glad you stopped by Julie's Open Window to say hello. I have also linked up with you on NetworkedBlogs and hope you will do the same : )
I look forward to visiting often.