Friday, June 25, 2010

One man's Junk is another man's treasure

Or woman's treasure. LOL
This is a HUGE piece that I got from a friend. I am using it in the studio and infact when I got this piece I didn't think it was going to fit. It has caused me to change my entire plan for the studio. I think I am liking this new plan even more then I had originally thought. Some color changes have taken place. Some style changes have taken place but all in all it if coming together.
Don't worry we will be doing the reveal sometime this year. LOL I just can't show it messy and now it is messy. I have been working on some things but have been gone a lot too.
DH has been sick and so back and forth with the doctors taking care of him. I do hope he gets better soon. Poor guy. Hopefully the new meds work otherwise it will be surgery.

Okay kids will have more to show soon. Just little peeks here and there.
I am wiped out so I think I will hit the hay.


Tracy said...

I love that saying "Hit the Hay". My mom used to say that all the time.
Oh take pics of the messy space and all the steps to getting it to where you want it. Love to see the trasformation step by step.
Can;t wait to see what you create on you sewing machine. I really need to set mine up again.

PEA said...

Thanks Tracy,
Yeah right, you who covers her table with fabric. LOL
honestly I can't show it messy. It isn't in my DNA. LOL
Oh just be patient. I hope it can be soon. I have a few more pieces of art to frame and organize just a bit more but work first.
Yes, set up the sewing machine. It will be fun. HOW long has it been anyway?