Friday, January 21, 2011

yep, I got behind and new card

So to make up for it, I will do two posts in one day. Plus the one tonight.
I made this card for a lady with cancer in Colorado. Just something fun and happy. I used stickles on the chip boards but you can't tell. I think it turned out pretty cute and I hope it brings a smile to her face through the pain she is in. Poor thing.

On to my day. Today I went to my nail appointment. Then to dinner and a movie( True Grit):) with my eldest son Jake and his fiance Cat. I love these kids so much. Cat sent me a message on my phone yesterday that was so sweet I have to share it with you.
Cat wrote-" I want you to know that I am thankful for you and all that you do for me and Jacob. You're wonderful support for us and you always have helpful advice. I couldn't ask for a better Mother in law. You are one of a kind and I love you."

Now if that didn't make you tear up I just don't know what to say. I am so very lucky with the girls coming into my life. blessed.
I was busy yesterday. OMG It was a day on the phone calling repair shops, ordering parts, setting up appointments, cleaning, laundry, recycling ya know the list. I didn't get to get everything done and that is why I haven't posted. I was trying to get it all done before this weekend. I did not so tomorrow morning I will be finishing up a bunch of little things.
I got to make a card for my brother. He broke his arm and now can't work. I am sad for him.
Well off I have to go get some things done if I am gonna post twice tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Yay for you getting all of those household things out of the sweet to send your cards to those who are ill and need cheering up!

PEA said...

Thank you Theanne!
I know how much a card can cheer you up where the "c" word is concerned. I know first hand. So I thought I would pay it forward. It makes me feel good yes, but it really isn't about me. It is about them.

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday my friend :D
Awww your DIL is so sweet. For her to leave you a message like that, you are a very special person.
Your card is very cute.
Hope your brother heals quickly.

PEA said...

Thanks so much Tracy! You are a doll!
I hope my brother gets better soon.
My daughter in law is a sweetie.
My card was quickie but I hope it brings a smile to the lady that gets it.