Thursday, January 27, 2011

Okay, who ordered that?

Yes, way behind this time but totally out of my control. Not really sure where to start this post.
Can we back track just a hair? Sunday was my birthday and it was a fine, wonderful exciting day. My kids were here and my youngest son( Ty and his fiance Cassie) are kidnapping me on the 5th and wisking me away for paper crafting and a massage!! I know how lucky am I? I am so very blessed I tell ya.
My Momma was a sweetheart and bought me a new big toy. She bought me a cricut expression and about 6 cartridges to go with it. WOW is all I kept saying.
The sad part is.... I haven't opened it yet. I know, terrible huh? You will understand why here in a minute. Well at least I hope so. Okay so no excuse but I will try;) ha ha
So the plan was to straighten up the studio and get it all set up to play. HA! Um car broke on Monday. So off to the dealer it goes. Oh boy oh boy. Big $ick it is. So now we wait on parts and the pending dollar doom of that.
In the mean time the internet decides it wants to play catch me if you can with a connection. Um- 3 hrs later I can post to facebook only. grrrrrr.
So I keep breathing and drudging along. Wednesday is the day I share with Mom. I take her grocery shopping and we have lunch. She was extra ornery this week. Embarrassed me half to death a few times, but I know as I child I did my fair share. Still breathing.
Did I mention that the washer/dryer are making terrible noise and the fridge pees all the time. LOL Okay that did it.
So I went to my room and made a even bigger mess! It was what I needed. I took out my frustration onto the paper. I actually took 3 sheets of icky paper and ripped the devil out of it- or the devil out of me. Either way I felt way better. While creating I broke one of my favorite tools. Sooo needless to say I am glad tomorrow is Friday. They are coming out tomorrow to fix the internet which for the moment is working. huh?
I did however get my card for Cancer done for the week. Whoo hoo!

So I did something good. A lovely gal in the midwest is getting this one. A dear friend that is near the end of her journey. The inspiration to do the cards for cancer.
Need to make a guy card and a birthday card for my b.f.f. Now I am staying in this weekend. Cleaning that studio( hee hee again) and I told the family they are on their own for food and water. LOL
See you in a few days. Well internet permitting that is.
Have a great weekend.~Pea


Tracy said...

I think a weekend of creating is just what the doctor would have ordered.
Ok internet big time Sucko
Your mom bought you a cricut, she can be ornery, teehee.
Curious which favourite tool you broke, inquiring minds want to know.

PEA said...

You are such a hoot. Yes she is ornery and that was a few days after giving me the cricut! LOL
My Wizard machine broke again. Anyway I have to call them again. UGH.
I love that thing. Nothing embosses like the wizard I just wish they made a better machine.
yes, creating is what I will be doing for sure.

Jingle said...

Sounds like a crazy week! Our Washer went out yesterday. And of course we had been leaving laundry and had no choice but to take it all to the laundry mat. We ended up paying them to do it and they folded it and now I'm not in as much of a hurry to get my washer back! HA! Your card is very cute and I'm excited for you about your Cricut! You will love it!

Schell said...

Lol, your mom sounds just like mine. That is so cool of her to get you a cricut! Happy Late Birthday!!!

PEA said...

I am sorry you had to join me in the washer going bad week. But at least yours is all caught up. I have a mountain ahead of me.
Thanks Jingle.

PEA said...

Thanks Schell,
I agree my mom is a peach but sometimes just a little hard to handle. A typical mom really. LOL
Thanks so much

cynthia lee designs said...

Happy Birthday...a little late. Hope you had a good one.


Anonymous said...

Wowzer what a week...I'm a Mom and I can be ornery too...LOL The card is beautiful...what a sweet thing for you to do!

PEA said...

thanks Cindy!

PEA said...

Thank you Theanne!
Many folks in my family have survived cancer me included so I know those cards really cheer you up. Happy hearts help in the healing.

Roberta said...

Belated birthday wishes! We had that kind of year last year Replaced our dryer, hot water heater, computer, roof...Kept holding our breaths wondering what would go next. Hope the internet thing gets worked out soon!
Beautiful card. I'm sure it will bless and cheer the recipient. ~Roberta

PEA said...

thank you Roberta for stopping by and leaving sweet comments. So very nice.
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

Flora said...

When it rains it pours...But on the other hand you did get a Cricut and cartridges to boot? Your mom was so sweet to do that for you!!! My sil got one of those for my dd and I know that's big money!!!Take Care
Pea !!!

PEA said...

Thanks Flora,
yes, it was very sweet of my mom. She is a sweetheart.
I got a few sunbreaks;)