Sunday, September 11, 2011

Single Fighter

 I love dragonflies. To me they represent the fighter pilots of the bug world. I happily watched our single patrolman today for about a hour. He takes the same path each time but extends his search just a little farther into one of the other zones with each flight. Nature at it's best.

A uninvited patrolman from another district flew in today. This foreigner was not well received by our friendly but fearless fighter. It was like watching a dog fight from a old black and white WW2 movie. Of course our  fighter was the true winner and the invader quickly went back to his own airspace.

I never did see if our fighter caught what he was after, but it was surely peaceful entertainment.
 I was not able to snap a picture of him. For security reasons of course. LOL I just don't have that high of a security level. DH tells me he does and he will see what he can do. Being the crew chief I would gather he could get the clearance. LOL
 This picture is a close enough representation of our friendly fighter.

 This post is dedicated to the events and people lost in the 9-11 attacks. May we never forget the high cost of freedom.
 Have a wonderful week


Tracy said...

Such a stunning photo.
I love to just sit and watch nature. Like huge mutant squirrels hiding their peanuts in my front yard, teehee.

PEA said...

LOL oh you are so funny! Thanks Tracy but not my picture. I snagged it. hugs,pea