Monday, December 5, 2011

I pulled a Tracy.... LOL let us see if she notices...?

Tracy and I had discussed that I needed to organize my pantry. It was clearly in need of a reorganizing and I tried to get her to come and do it for ME! Clearly her family is much more important then my pantry so I did it myself. LOL I did NOT take before pics cause I don't want to cause permanent mental damage to anyone that reads my blog but this is the finished product.
Much better, not great but for now it will do. I have to think of a few things to add to make it much more functional. To be honest I have always struggled with organizing. Always wanted it that way but really struggle getting it there.

Yes! I know still waiting on studio pics/video. One of these days. Maybe next year. Right now I feel very much like someone trapped in a revolving door with no exit. LOL Just going in circles. LOL

I did how ever manage to get a few projects done. I have many left to do. Mini albums, quilts, recipe books, decorate the tree. etc. BUSY week with Doctors tomorrow and Mom's birthday wed. We will be taking her to Seattle. shhhhhhh don't tell her. Blogger is being a pain in the assets, but we will see how many pics I can load.

A very chippy ornament I made. I did a video tutorial on this one so you can find that on my channel whimsical endeavors.

I made this for a friend as a Thank YOu. I sure hope she likes it way over due.

the other side of this ornament says" when SNOW* wasn't cold? I do many years ago. LOL
Okay that is enough sharing tonight. I honestly don't think but maybe two people read my blog anymore but I will tell you this... A HUGE give away is coming so soon it is scary. LOL Stay tuned.


Tracy said...

I would have come to help you ;) Just had to make supper first...oh thats right I got pizza that day, lol.
I wish I had a pantry to organize...but then again I am sick like that ;)
I love your ornaments.
Your second one looks like a snow ball :) Love that sentiment. And your right snow wasn't cold when I was younger :)

PEA said...

LOL Oh what fun we have teasing each other. Thank you sweetie. yea, when I was younger I could lay in it, stay out in a blizzard and never wanted to come in. Mom had to force me. Now I can't wait to come in and huddle over the heat duct. LOL
Have a great week sweetie.

Dena said...

Well I read it! For some reason it wasn't in my feed but it is now! I'm an organizer at heart. So much so that nothing is ever organized enough. I just got a whole bunch of Expedit furniture for Christmas (okay so a little early) and I'm in the process of putting it together. I will actually have TWO room tour videos within a few months of each other. Crazy right? Of course you get a ton more projects done than I ever could, so maybe unorganized is good. Embrace your messy self and do a scraproom tour as is! Cute ornament. When I read the sentiment on it all I could think was it is cold and I want to be warm and your "snow" suddenly turned into a big ball of coconut and invisioned me on a tropical island, now I'm hungry for an almond joy. See how my disfunctional brain works LOL.

Schell said...

Beautiful projects, as always! Your pantry looks great :0) I remember when snow wasn't cold also. My boys reminded me of that this past weekend when they came home with dad from sledding. Faces beat red and all they could talk about was how amazing it was :0) Ahhh, to be a kid again! Hugs!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Hmmmm...I'm with Dena on that tropical island....Love the ornament and the sentiment, Pea - but I'm dysfunctional as well and seeing coconut snowballs..... Awesome job on the pantry - but now I have pantry envy....what I wouldn't give for storage space of any kind in this place!! Hope you're having a blessing-filled week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

PEA said...

Hi Dena,
You and Tracy are both lucky if you are a natural organizer. My Mom and BFF are both that way too. My daughter as well. So it is a good thing they can all help me try and work at it:)
Oh you got some more furniture huh? WOW lucky girl. My kids will be moving to renton but when they do they will be close to IKEA! YAY for me... I will visit often. LOL
NOOOO WAY will I let you see the nightmare. Being organized it might send you and Tracy to rubber rooms. LOL
Thank you for the sweet words on my ornaments. LOL you are funny. I love a funny brain. LOL

PEA said...

Thank you Schell bell! I have missed you. Oh I love red faces. It makes me wish I was younger and didn't hurt so I could play. LOL Enjoy it while you can..

PEA said...

Robin, oh you are funny too! LOL
Yes, I am having a great week thank you for asking!
I do love my pantry and my kitchen would be a nightmare without it. This house lacks a lot of storage and things are in the oddest places but I am working on fixing some of those things. One at a time. Went and got a door storage for the pantry today. Gonna put all the bags on it and free up more shelves. Also a Lazy susan which this one is lame but it does help with the spices even if it stinks. LOL
Gonna go put up my tree. Have a lovely week.