Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gift Wrapping Tutorial

Many people have asked where I learned to wrap from. Well that would be from Mom. She and my Grandmother~ her mother were both professional wrappers for a big department store. People would stand in line for hours to have one of the two wrap their gifts.
So I thought it would be fun and useful if I video taped Mom wrapping a present. *winks* I got her to wrap three of my gifts in the process. LOL Naughty Pea huh?
So here ya go, if you can't wrap or want to wrap better. This is the video to help you. There is a part two to this which isn't edited yet. Hope to have it up tonight but fighting the kids for the web this evening.
See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pea, loved your Mom's gift wrapping video!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Yes she is absolutely beautiful - and positively charming as well!! Love the tutorial...and Hey...I love her even more cuz I wrap my gifts just like she does!! Great if only I could get my DH to watch it so he could help!!! Wishing you - and Red - a joy and blessing filled holiday week ahead....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Tracy said...

I think your mom would be proud of my wrapping, I do mine very similar to her :)
Loved the loop-d-loop :)
Your mom is a sweetie.
I can see she is a serious about her sewing...I agree...I freak if I see anyone with my sewing scissors!!!

PEA said...

thank you Theanne and baron!
Merry Christmas

PEA said...

thank you so much Robin. LOL Many happy days ahead for you as well.

PEA said...

Yes, I am sure Mom would be proud. I am sure your packages are perfect.

Serious about sewing, yes she is and I used to those scissors for wrapping one year that is why they are for wrapping now.:(
Boy was I in trouble that day:(