Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Every once in a while...

 Things that you create come together in such a way that it is hard to part with them. I often create items for others that I truly like. Not always love but like. Then there are those creations that are really hard to part with as they have more bits of you in them then anything you have created.

When I create items I always try to put something from the hoard vault of something of great value to me personally. A gift from a friend such as a sweetly made flower and it happens to be the only white one* wink*, or a button or hankie from my Grandmother's sewing jar. When I include personal items like these, people often seem surprised. I was asked about it again today. These things would not be appreciated by the ones left behind if I happen to leave this world for the heavens. So I am continuing the legacy now by passing them on to those I know which have the same love for them as I do. I am giving them new life as some of them would just end up as dust. a bit of glue maintains them for hopefully a few more years to be enjoyed.

 I just finished  my February Super secret squirrel sisterhood cigar box swap and I had none other then Tonya Gibbs of psychomoms on You Tube. It was very hard for me personally to create for Tonya as I think she is such a wonderful artist and have admired her style and work. I did get it done( last minute ninny) and she received it today. part one of her video is up and she loved it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVoLAJCCC9k&feature=uploademail


 I didn't take but 2 pictures of the items inside. I forgot so I will actually get professional pictures of my work. WOW that will be a first. I can't wait. I changed the pics to black and white so she couldn't see the colors and know who her partner was. If she had seen more of the box she would have had no doubts that I was making her box.

So now onto some fun stuff! I have mini albums to create, a dolly and possibly a pattern or two. Plus a few thank you cards.
 I am trying to get lots of things done so hopefully more blog updates soon!
 make a happy memory


Tracy said...

Is that wink a request for some more white crochet flowers, lol.
Your work is always top quality and so artistic, who wouldn't be thrilled to received some of your artwork :)

PEA said...

aw thank you Tracy and ya know I never turn down a creation from you! No matter how small. LOL I feel the same about you my friend. Always top quality and so artistic both in art and personally!

Dena said...

Beautiful! As usual. I came here to stroke your ego after reading your comment on my blog. LOL you are too funny!

PEA said...

thanks Dena! I think you rock missy! you are hysterical.