Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sunshine is more work!

 Have you ever noticed that when the sun is out there is more work for you to do? Well here anyway since Sunshine with no rain is a luxury. LOL with a average rain fall of 298 days a year that doesn't leave us many sunny days. We hit the Motherload this week. So far 3 days in the 80's and I am loving it. Wait... more work. Yes, cause the lawn is 12 inches high, and the weeds are even higher. So mowing, weeding and don't feel like I have touched it yet. Then painting. We have been waiting to paint and now we finally have the sunshine to do it. Quite the task but will be so happy when it is done. I am painting some furniture and a few other things.Lots of painting projects the list is a full page. Just hoping the sun holds out and no rain or all our work will be ruined.
 I leave you with a pretty picture. One of my favorites. Just one of those pictures that makes me happy.
 See you with more project peeks soon.


Tracy said...

Bring on the sun.....and the weeding, the mowing, and the painting.
But don't you love a full day ;)
Hope it stays nice for you :)

PEA said...

thanks sweetie and yes I do! You see what a good blogger I have been? LOL ALL YOUR FAULT! LMBO