Wednesday, October 31, 2012

He's HERE! My first Grandchild

 Henry Michael
 born 2:42 pm October 15th 2012
weight- 6 lbs 14 oz
height 19.5 inches long
hair strawberry blonde and very wavy

 Here is the little charmer himself. Already stealing the hearts of many. Including MINE!
  This is him and his Daddy.
I have been told Henry or Fox as I refer to him does not look like his dad but has all his facial expressions and sleeps like him. LOL My son look so content here. More so then I have seen him in years. His dream came true. What a wonderful Father he is already.

Henry and His Mom. 2 peas in a pod looks like to me ;)
 he is already changing so much. Here is his one week photo. I will show the 2 week as soon as it is posted. LOL

 Thank you for sharing my joy.


ILuvVintageScrap said...

Awwwww he is gorgeous so precious Pea!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing for you and your family he is definitely a little angel!!!!!!! Congratulations again sweetie love you!!!!!! xoxo

Tracy said...

He sure is a sweetie.
Such a great family he has been born in. Hugs my friend :)

PEA said...

thank you so much Juliana! You are sooo sweet girlfriend. He is our little Angel.
Big big hugs!

PEA said...

Thank you so much Tracy my friend AWWWWWWWWW MY FRIEND Hugs,Pea