Thursday, February 14, 2013

very special gift

 The goodness of friends can bring so much joy. I am not talking about the presents although always appreciated . I am talking about time, sweet precious time. When a friend takes the time to create something with their own two hands. Even with all the other obligations and things they would like to do, I think there is no greater compliment. When I think of good friends I start to hum that old girlscout song we used to sing.
 Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

 Two good friends took their precious time to create something for me for my birthday. It just warms the heart as I know HOW very BUSY both of these ladies are. The first is Brigitte- from
Brigitte made this beautiful card. I just love it to bits. So classic just like Brigitte. Thank you so much PB for thinking of me:)
The second set of goodies is from My friend Tracy- you all know her as Tracy's Treasures.
Tracy sent this lovely card so cutely colored, the mini notebook as she knows I am always hunting for paper to write things down and the best of all this mini brag book. OMG I saw this and was so super excited and touched. It is so cute and I can't wait to fill it up with pictures of my little fox. That will be the hard part, getting the prints made. Something I am terrible at. Don't know why? LOL
 I will have to do it soon.  What a sweet idea too.
 Okay, I need to get some stuff done. I have been organizing my pinterest today too. It was a mess. LOL  So much better but have lots of stuff to add, delete, move. It will get there. Then over the next week I have to get all my files backed up and ready to restart my pc. what a task that will be. UGH. Not looking forward to it I will tell you that.
Have a great night.


Tracy said...

Brigitte card is stunning. So so pretty.
I am so happy you loved that little brag album :)
Glad you had fun at Michael's as well ;)

PEA said...

yes, I love it all. Thanks again my friend