Thursday, March 7, 2013

Like Fainting Women

 My great grandmother used to say" good intentions are like fainting women, they need to be carried out." LOL I know huh? I had good intentions of showing you a few more cards or projects every few days but again fell behind.
 My story I guess. LOL

soooooooo I will share a card with you now.
I made this card for a swap I am in. I have a couple of them coming up so trying to get some goodies all gathered and ready to go while the mojo is flowing. LOL

Here is the close up. Yum, I really love this card and mom tried to buy it. LOL
Okay back to my dolly. Updates are soon and have to get this stuff done.
 Have a good night:)


Sonia Rodriguez said...

So adorable and whimsical..I hope everyone is doing well in your part of the nation Pea xoxox

Tracy said...

Such a pretty card :)
I love all the texture on this one :)
Your mom is so cute

PEA said...

Hi Sonia, I am hanging in there ya know. Been tough but ya know what don't kill ya makes ya strong. By the time this is done I will win contest! LOL

PEA said...

LOL yes she is tracy. I love the texture too. Mom really wanted this card and was pretty pissed off when I told her it was spoken for. LOL

Mary Ronnerman said...

This is a wonderful card. Can't wait to see more.

PEA said...

thank you so much Mary, many blessings,Pea