Saturday, April 1, 2017


 As I reflect on my childhood, I remember all the sweet friends we had and how they inspire me still to this day.
 Last month I introduced you to Treverly. Treverly was just a year younger and very headstrong. This didn't always sit well with me because I truly am a pigheaded bull when it comes to running things. LOL . You are not allowed to pull every toy out of my box at my house. Most days we got along fine but there were times when we did not.
 Funny thing is this doll seemed to model after her inspire. Was difficult up until the last minute.
In the end Treverly came to be very much as I had envisioned and I think if Treverly saw her she would be pleased.
This month I decided I need to do Treverly's younger sister Gwedelyn. Gwen was 4 or 5 years younger than I, but a sweet girl. Very shy but loved birds and nature. Love to lay in the grass and stare at clouds. Many a summer afternoon, all three of us would waste our day as Dad called it. We called in what does that look like? Funny how three young girls can make up stories about the shapes in the clouds. The moments were all ended the same way. Two very large slobbery dogs( Their Great Danes- Hercules and Zeus) tromping on us all wet from being in the pool or the pond.

 I was thinking of Gwen and those summer days while creating her. It has been years since I have seen either but these are memories I still cherish in my heart.
Sweet Gwedelyn with her bluebird eggs and nest.

I wonder who will be my next inspire? Since we were in the Military many friends came and left.
Happy April my friends, I hope you don't get too many April Fools today.

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