Saturday, May 19, 2007

One of My favorite things

I LOVE to hand sew my items. Now I don't hand sew everything. Penny work is all done by hand and I find it most relaxing . This is a piece that I did awhile ago. It is made from heavy wools and wool felts. It is perfect for framing in a 14 x 18 and I get those size frames at Wally world. I will be listing this piece on ebay sometime this week. So watch for it there.
Blessings, Pea


Sylvia Anderson said...

Love the new blog Pea! And your wool penny piece is lovely! I will add your blog to mine, and will check in often to see what's new with you. :)


Pea said...

Oh thank you dear friend. YOu really should do this. I know you are pressed for time. Sure is fun though and one more place for folks to find you and your WONDERFUL creations! I want a original and someday Mark MY words I will have it. I have a few painted things and I have them every year at halloween but I want one of your new sculptures.
Thank you so much for your support.

Pfatt Group said...

Yay!! Pea, got your e-mail. added your blog right away. It looks great and so happy your doing it. it is addicting, but a great way to share your beautiful work and things you love and you will meet some very lovely people that love what you love too!!! Yay!!!


Pea said...

Oh you sweet thing you! Thank you so very much for the comment and putting me on your list. I am finding that I love blogging. Good grief one more thing to do! LOL
Blessings and hugs,Pea

Sam I Am said...

Hi Pea!!!!!! you're blogging!!! HOW COOL :)
Gonna go add you to mine :)

Sam I Am said...

List 7 random things about yourself..and then pick 7 others!

Pea said...

Hi ya sandy,
Haven't figured it all out yet..
But I am working on it:)
Thanks so much!

Pea said...

sandy you Brat! Tagging me. I will get you for that.