Friday, October 3, 2008

Christmas Magic

I worked ever so Hard on this piece. It was a labor of love and am happy with the way it turned out. I took a wonderful pattern by Soft in the Head and tweeked it just a wee bit. Gave it a pea's touch. You all know that I can't do anything just the normal way. I have to twist things. ha ha.

This will be going for sale on one of my many websites. Details to follow in a few days.

Well are supposed to get the WHITE stuff. Along with some heavy rains. So I filled the water jugs for all their many country uses. Brought in wood for the wood stove and kindling. Straightened my cluttered house- yuck more to do but hey it is a start ;0

The joys of being a mom in charge of the house.

But I get to play hookie from all the normal things tomorrow. YIPPEEEEEEEEEE I am sneaking off with two friends with bumper shoot in hand and we are going to a big craft fair and hitting all the prim shops. Can't wait! I have to medicate myself to sleep tonight I am so excited tee hee but it will be worth it tomorrow. I will show you all my goodies in a few days.

Have a wonderful weekend my friend.



kornkribprimitives said...

It's beautiful!!! I am always in awe of your amazing work. it makes me smile. It's a joy to see your creations.
I hope you have a wonderful time shopping with your friends and can't wait to see all the goodies you buy. :)
Have a blessed weekend.
Blessings, Linda :)

Shay said...

Hi Sweet Pea!
Just fabulous my dear! I absolutely adore your newest creation, it is so sweet! It makes you think of those midnight Christmas hours when all is calm and the mousies are out!! Just beautiful!!

Have a wonderful weekend full of shopping and friends! Pick me out something wonderful! haha! j/k
You deserve a wonderful weekend full of fun!
Many hugs!

albasworld said...

Dear sweet Pea,

It's darling!! Makes me smile and that's a good thing. Hope you get a lot of fun goodies today. You deserve a day filled with fun and magic and I hope this one fits that bill. Tell all about it when you get some rest.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and chat with you soon.

Hugs & smiles, alba

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oooh what craft fair are you going to? are you doing any shows locally this year? and are we getting snow..please say it isn't so..I love it..but hate driving in it...cute little duo by the way...have fun...:)

Pea said...

oh thank you my dear. Touched my heart for certain...
I had a blast and I will be back to share but have to register to vote.

Pea said...

Thank you Miss Shay. Funny that is what I was thinking about when I made this. Great minds think alike.
Oh what grand time we had. stay tuned.. for pics.

Pea said...

rest well I slept 10 hours. sheesh I guess I had more fun then I thought.. LOL we had a great time.
came home with a small loot but good things that is what counts.

Pea said...

Went to out to chehalis. There are fairs for the next three weeks.
We wanted to hit this cute shop too but they are closed on weekends. pricey but wanted ideas ya know.
hit lots of yard sales there too. found nothing but the fun is the hunt. hee hee.
no snow this time but out of power for three hours. glad I was gone. tee hee.

~Tonya said...

Ya know Pea, I wrote a comment on her the other day and it is not here. That is crazy.

Oh well, your Christmas Magic is so very sweet. Makes me think of Christmas and wishing.

You sure are getting lots done. I must start working again. I have been playing. LOL


Pea said...

I know this thing has been weird. I am busy busy girl but must keep going.
Thank you my friend. I love this piece too.