Sunday, October 19, 2008


OMG my friends. I could just PEA- tee hee my pants.... LOL
Yesterday the post man delivered a package. A SUPRISE package. Ya see I am blessed with a customer that has become my friend. She is very good to her friends and well she BOUGHT me a present! Can you believe that? OMG, so anyway she went to a show and this little crabby carrot made her think of me... Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I do have carrot orange red hair and make shakers. Is she trying to tell me something? LOL If she is I am playing dumb! LOL

This clay sculpture is from Terri, she sent it herself. How cool is that and there was a special note from my friends.

A special gift to you from Alba and Arnold.
Have a spooky Halloween.

Would you just look at that bitty little shaker. OMg I love this piece but that shaker-( I make so many of them) that little shaker cracks me up! Tickles my fancy. I love this piece but that shaker makes it something extra special.

I have to admit I have been like so many of you lately down in the dumps due to ebay and such. I guess my friends knew this would bring me joy, a giggle and love. Just what the doctor ordered my friends. Thank you so much. It cracks me up and reminds me not to be a crabby carrot any more. LOL

I spent the whole day running around errands and yesterday before my sweet surprise arrived I was a very crabby carrot. LOL My DH was playing with the dogs and broke my tart burner again. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I had this cool stoneware one that looks like my german pottery. A birthday gift from a friend- Yeppers I have the best friends. Anyhoo Mike had broke the top on it. I liked this one cause I can place it on the wood stove and not have to plug it in or use a candle. it heats up from the fire. Well it took me months to find a top that would fit in it and the color. I did, took it out a hour before he broke it. MEN! Why is it always my stuff that gets broke? Never the kids or his. I was so durn mad that I threw a tubby across the room. I don't ususally do that but I knew it would make me feel better. I was thinking about throwing dh but he is a bit heavy for me.

So now to hunt down another stoneware tart burner. You see if it isn't stoneware it could crack under the heat of the wood stove. If ya see one let me know. I know that they are pricey so maybe I might make Dh pay for it. LOL

Have a good one my friends. Going to bed early for church tomorrow. Another day and nothing done. UGh but I will show ya something by monday hopefully.



HowlingMoonDesigns said...

How nice to receive such a cool gift! Sounds like it came at a good time to :)..What a sweet Friend...
On the subject of Men & broken stuff..LOL..Seems to run that way in my house to..Just MY stuff gets accidently broken! Hummmm...makes ya wonder :)

Peter Holland said...

Cool sculpt - very creative and leading edge. it's rather funky. Love the thin legs and the detail on the hat.

Shay said...

awww how sweet! What a wonderful surprise to get and such a beautiful piece! I love his facial expressions! hehe! I'm so glad it made ya smile, they knew just what you needed! :)

Men seem to just have that way! If it's not the kiddos, it's him breaking something or shrinking something in the dryer that "inadvertently" is mine yet again! It could even be socks, the man has the power to shrink those too!! LOL Hince why I never let the man touch laundry ever again, my wardrobe would be non-existent! LOL
Have a great day Sweet Pea my friend!

Pea said...

Thank you Candy,
Just what the doctor ordered. LOL

Men, are all the same. It seems that the old phrase cut from the same cloth does apply.LOL does make ya wonder. My Dh said well my stuff don't get broke just thrown away... LOL I made no comment on that at all.
have a good one.

Pea said...

Thank you Peter. Thank you for stopping by. I enjoy meeting new folks.
I love a bit of funky in my life. It puts a smile on my face.
Come on back anytime.

Pea said...

Such a sweet thing you are as well. Doing me a favor...! Might I add I do have great friends everywhere.
Sock shrinker huh? Wow now that one I haven't had. Thank God but I have had underroos that were once white and now are bluejean colored. LOL Cause DH throws it all in and well it is clean he says... LOL
Have a good one my friend.

old world primitives said...

Aw, what a nice gift! I love his carrot face!


~Tonya said...

How Sweet of Alba! Such a very thoughtful customer.

Such a Funky carrot and such a sweet thought. Alba and Arnold must think an awful lot of you.

Men! Nuff said. LOL We know how most men are. I hope you can find a replacement.


Pea said...

Thank Stephanie,
I love his face too. I chuckle when ever I see him.

Pea said...

I don't deserve it but thrilled that they think so highly of me.

I doubt if I will find the replacement but I will keep hunting. It will take awhile to find a stoneware one. Hope you have the best day!