Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Well I am on a roll. Not even halloween yet and ready to start playing christmas music to get me going... JUST KIDDING!

I finished up this sweet Santa Shaker last night and he is going on ebay this evening. I think he very cool and his head was made from a pattern from Soft in the Head! Thanks Pam.

I have been working like non stop for days and weeks it seems. I am fighting more migrains today so don't know how long my work will last tonight but need to get lots done. I am on three websites now so need more stuff to sell on them. Plus my two coming shows. Oh Boy did I say OH BOY? Yeppers... I am nuts huh? Bet you knew that.. LOL

Back to work for me. Hope to give you another peek this evening of a new item.

Have a wonderful day my friends.



albasworld said...

Pea, he is awesome and I want him! Really, I think you are really on a roll, so keep rolling, lol. Take care and have a great day!

Hugs & smiles!

Pea said...

Thank you my friend. You always make me feel good. I like rolling! Course it is easy when you are round! LOL

My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Pea he is Adorable, love your blog and all your creations !!!. Thanks for the add I got you on mine :) (((HUGS)))

Pea said...

Thank you Renae. That is so nice of you to say.
Back to work for me.. Lots to do.

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Pea, this Santa is absolutely adorable!! He made me smile as soon as I saw him!
Now you have to do a snowman, and an elf, and an angel and... :> )

~Tonya said...

Such a neat santa pea. I knew he would go quickly.

You have been a chatter box lately on your blog...what's up with that. LOL

Now I must get to work.

Pea said...

Ah thank you Peanut! I am working on it my friend. tee hee.
You are gonna keep me going huh? Have a wonderful weekend.

Pea said...

thank you so very much. I have been a chatter box, camera happy little worker bee lately. But you snoose ya loose and I want folks to keep peeking in so when I announce the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I want them all gathered around. tee hee.

kornkribprimitives said...

Pea, He's magical! :)
You have really been a busy bee working away. I am so happy I found your blog as it's one of my favorites and I enjoy it so much.
Blessings, Linda :)

Pea said...

bless your heart. Thank you kindly dear.
come on back anytime.

Christine said...

North Star Wind won't allow me in ...:-( how might I get alhold of her?

BTW , love Duffy, will need to check him out on PFATT.