Monday, April 20, 2009

The results are in...

No cause for celebration I am afraid. The house did NOT pass inspection. We have mold in the garage and not just surface like I had thought. Much deeper. Then the inspector said that under the house was like a trampoline. Need a sump pump or a curtain drain. along with a furnace, kitchen updates,dishwasher, move the washer and dryer in the house and a host of things she wanted to do. All costing money and she is tighter than bark on a tree. So she is walking away. The agent is still hopeful but I know Mom when she says no, she means NO!

Mom will have to fly out here again and that costs her a fortune. She has to kennel her big dog. So don't know when that will happen. I can only hope that there are more homes available when the time comes and that means for someone to loose their house. How sad is that? I feel terrible about that, really I do but the only way Mom will get a suitable house. Unless there is a miracle. Which I know happens.

So right now I am pretty bummed. I miss her terribly even though she drives me bats. She had a big scare not to long ago one in Dec and one last month. The first in Dec they thought she was having a heart attack, the other was the symptoms of one but was a severe allergy reaction to Lysol spray. They even had to put her on steroids. So having her here is a must, not just a wish. Not only that but I am the only one who could/would take care of her if she became ill or lost her mind. We already know she will be deaf and hearing aids will not help. All nerve damage.

Well have to go hug my hubby. He is cleaning his room for Mom to live in even though that isn't gonna happen just yet. She is too stubborn. Then off to cook dinner as I am starved and have class tonight. Got to scoot.
Enjoy another picture taken by my best friend.


Jenny said...

That is too bad. Only problem with foreclosures is they are usually run down. Those people who cannot pay their mortgage cannot usually keep up maintenance either!

I wish her the best. You can always go look for her. If she trusts you, that is. LOL Sucks to have to pay an inspector, doesn't it?

Phillane E'lee said...

You said it Jenny. It stinks all around but if you could see the list you would pee your pants.
Mom does trust me but is also picky and what I think would work doesn't in her mind. She needs closets. She has 9 feet of closet in all three bedrooms. Lucky huh? a older home too. here the closets are about the size of man holes. LOL Tiny things around here.
Prayers would be appreciated. Thanks honey.

Heidi said...

Oh Pea!
What a bummer for you and your Mom! Bless your heart for helping her stay independent for as long as possible. Beautiful picture by the way. What kind of class are you taking? I hope it is a fun one!

Phillane E'lee said...

I want Mom to do what she wants for what little time she may or may not have. She has survived two husbands so this is her time.
Major bummer but it what it is.
Thanks sweetie.

lovetheprimlook said...

Many thoughts and prayers coming your way dear Pea. Sounds like you need some rest. Please dont run yourself on empty :)

Big Hugs !!!


Phillane E'lee said...

I am feeling better today my sweet friend. Just needed some rest.
Thank you!