Sunday, July 11, 2010


That is a sigh of relief. Today is Sunday and I get to relax for about 2 minutes before the work begins again.
This dolly almost kicked my butt! LOL I have never done a doll that took so long or was so difficult as this one. In the end the redhead came out and so did the doll.:)
Took every last minute I had but I did finish on time, by my skin of my teeth. It is a Pea's twist on a old stand by the Topsy Turvy doll. I do like the way they turned out.

As to which one I like better, I don't know? Just happy they found a new home.

I have another busy week ahead of me. The studio is a mess so I have to go clean that up and start again.

Here is another picture from the studio.

Here you will see a few angels from Kimmie of Prims by Kim
I bought these cuties last year for the studio and love their new home. I adore them, so sweet. I got the clock at Ross for 9 bucks. I like it cause it has a timer on it. Comes in handy when I have something in the oven or to keep me pushing through.

Time is a wasting and I have to get to work so best get to it.
Have a wonderful Sunday.


pywackit said...

Oh WOW. She is or should I say they are wonderful Pea. Great job.


PEA said...

Thank you Cindy! that made my day.

~Tonya said...

Love the dollie(s) and so glad they found a new home. Very neat! Love the pic of the studio, can't wait to see all of it. The lil paintings look so pretty in there too.

Have a good Sunday Pea and relax a bit. I know easier said then done! ~T

PEA said...

ahhhh thank you Tonya,
Yes, I hope to get the studio done soon but creating is so much fun too.
LOL so much for relaxing today. Didn't happen but we shall have a go at it again on Friday this week.
No time to rest now.

Tracy said...

I LOVE YOUR DOLLs. This one reminds me of my grandma's. She had one where one part was Cinderalla dirty from working and the other side in her gown. I loved that doll. Yours of cours is more modern and artistic.

PEA said...

Thank you Tracy,
so nice of you to say... How sweet.
I am enjoying my tag and other goodies. You might see a flower on a dolly here soon. Who knows? LOL

HaileyzWorld said...

Very cute Auntie! =) You really are so talented!

PEA said...

thank you Nikki,
that is so sweet of you, now if I can just learn to paint! LOL

angiesraggedypatch said...

How utterly cool!
lovvvvvvvvve it!

just me said...

your doll is fantastic!! how will you ever decide what side to show off!! love your studio pic wall, specially the art.

PEA said...

Thanks Angie,
so glad you popped by!

PEA said...

J.M. I don't know how I would decided but I am sure the new owner will have fun with it according to her mood.
Thank you much on your compliments. The studio is coming along nicely.

my tiny studio said...

Pea all your art is extremely beautiful and you know that you are one of my favorite artist :)


PEA said...

You just totally made my day guy!
Thank you ever so much.
Big hugs,Pea

Lisa Lectura Creations said...

Hi Pea! Congrats on your doll sales! They are both magical. I think it would be hard for me to choose a favorite. I love their black and white ensembles. Fabulous witch hat! So creative. Lovely studio picture too! Thanks so much for your sweet visit! Creative Blessings! Lisa :)

PEA said...

Thank you Lisa,
So very nice of you to say.
I love your work. I almost have your piece framed. I got the frame spray painted, and the matte painted as well. today. So tomorrow it should be done. Hope to show it off this week.
Many blessings,Pea