Monday, December 13, 2010


TDIPT swaps are the best. We had our annual Christmas swap with a secret Santa theme. I love my new Santa( shhhhhhhhhhh don't tell Santa baby;) Dear 2 Stitchin Lynn sent me all this wonderful goodness.
I got the loot girls just feast your eyes on this...

Where oh where do I begin? OMG, did she put the biggest smile on my face and the largest beat to my heart...
That box seemed never ending.
Funny story, I had to run a few non fun errands today. I stopped by the post office hoping perhaps that I had a goody. I got my pink slip and the smiles began in hopes of the anticipation that may await me.
I got the box, looked at the name and scared the hank out of all the people there including my dear clerk, Becky. I squealed with joy! Then ran off like a kid in a candy store with a 20 dollar bill. Announcing for all to hear, Christmas came early for me this year.
Swooped into the car and hunted for something to open my prize with. I had a military can opener on my key ring. Yep, that is what I opened it with. I couldn't get it open fast enough.
The tissue, the ties, the smells were too much for me to handle. The tears started to well inside me as I knew this was going to be a joy my tender heart couldn't handle.
Each package so lovingly wrapped in white and gold. It took my breath away. The trees, candle tarts, candies, small santa box,snowman pocket with sweet annie and candy canes. Note pad,snowmen ornaments will be heavenly on my tree.
Then came the stitchery. Oh my stars. It is wonderful. I adore it. Each stitch taken to perfection. When I grow up I wanna stitch like that.. LOL
Just look at this beauty. Her little card and note matched it. How sweet is that?

Last but not least is the wonderful Santa book box. It is wonderful. Perfect for my home. I want to use it to display my G.G. Grandmother's feather tree that she raised the geese, dyed the feathers and made the tree. It is very old as it was made before my Great Grandmother's birth in early 1800's.
Tucked inside that box was a angel ornament. The tears started to flow at that point. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Joyful tears. It reminded me so much of the wind beneath my wings.
How can I thank you enough? Where does one begin? I don't how, but these simple words. Thank you so very much Lynn. You put a smile on my face and tugged at every string of my heart.


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

What an awesome pressie pack. Have fun with it :)

PEA said...

Thank you Shelley!

LoveThePrimLook said...

Lucky duck !!!

Hugs, Ang

PEA said...
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PEA said...

Thanks so much Ang, I couldn't agree more. I can't type today.

Tracy said...

Ohhh Pea I am so happy for you. Your discription of this brought a tear to my eye.
This is what it is about the joy of giving. I would have loved to see you open this :)
This just warmed my heart.
How sweet of her. I have to check out her blog.

PEA said...

awwww thank you Tracy! That was just the dearest thing to say.
Hugs to you my friend.