Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a wonderful Christmas

What a wonderful Christmas we had. We all made out like fat rats, good food, good people. Just joy from start to finish.

My favorite gift was a camera I had asked for from hubby. This is it....

Here is a link CAMERA

It is wonderful and took the shot above which I call Pea Prints. LOL I am no pro but taking better quality pics I think. I do love it.

My second favorite thing was a frame with all three of my kids pics with their fiances with them. It is beautiful.( sorry no pics of it yet)

Today was a fun day. Katie( my only daughter 19) and I went shopping. Dropped her off at the mall for her shoe fix and I headed to Michael's for mine. Whoo hoo. Tonic scissors, a zyron, a bit of paper/sticker fun,rubber stamps, some Tim Holtz goodness and another 4 drawer cubby from Mom's cash treat. I need more storage. I think I will get a few more pieces and then should be done. I spent all my money and Katie still has some of hers. Yeah, they always spend all of yours. LOL
We met up for lunch, ran a few more errands, pharmacy for hubs meds, dog food and all the fun stuff. Then headed home. Dropped Katie off at her fiances house and headed home to put the cubby together. I can't wait to fill it, trust me I can already. LOL
So that was my day, hope you had a good one as well. Got to scoot. Thunder and lighting with our very heavy rains. I am gonna need to find boots for webbed toes here pretty soon.;)


Tracy said...

I love your pea prints, that photo is awesome.
Happy you had a nice holiday.
I was planning on cleaning up the scrap/craft room but that didn't plan out. Maybe tomorrow.

PEA said...

Thank you Tracy. Kept working today. Have so much more to go.
Tomorrow will continue after the day with MOM.