Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Treasured View

I am very lucky that my Mother's family saved so many wonderful family items. Most are small things but being poor and especially after the depression they learned to hang on to everything. I have most of it! LOL

I saw in a magazine recently where they used old aprons for the window treatment for the kitchen window. So I rushed to the old china cabinet, going through the drawers of linens and found one of Grandma King's aprons. Grabbed a few tacks and there she is. The front panel is a huge pocket. Grandma wore a apron everyday of her life. All of them had huge pockets for paper,pens, eggs, flowers and all the other things she gathered on her humble farm. She loved to write letters and cards so that would be the reason for pen and paper. She sent a card for every holiday there was. Spent a fortune on birthday cards for everyone she knew. One of my fondest memories was when I received sweet cards from her.
I think she might think I was crazy hanging this apron instead of wearing it, but I do wear one when I do dishes and work in the studio. SO I guess that is one tradition that I have kept going.

Have a wonderful week. Off to add a bit more Christmas charm to the old homestead tucked in the woods.
hugs, Pea


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Oh, I have those same memories .. my Grandma ( my MOM's mom ) wore an apron as her daily attire over her flowered housedress and she also wore a bonnet.

Great for gathering veggies from the garden , etc. wiping tears and noses ... :o)

I also wear one while cooking and painting .


GoldieLoo Woodworks said...

I love this apron and it looks perfect in the window.
Merry Christmas hugs~~Pam

Tracy said...

Oh what sweet memories you have of your family. I didn't live near my relatives and I miss that I didn't have memories like this.

Thank you for sharing this.

PEA said...

Thanks Linda, it was my Mom's mom as well and always a house dress or pair of shorts. LOL No bonnets though.
Yes, I am a messy painter. LOL

PEA said...

awww thanks Pam, my home isn't as wonderful as yours but it is looking much better with a bit of Christmas cheer.

PEA said...

awwww Tracy. I am so sorry you missed being with your family. That is why you are making so many wonderful scrapbooks and memories with your girls. They will pass it on and your girls will always find a way to get together.