Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy anniversary/Father's Day~ Hubby

Today 29 yrs ago today I married my hubby. Can I say WOW, hard to believe it has been 29 years. It seems longer but I am grateful for every single day. He has such a big heart.
Just like this picture of these two very different trees. One is a cedar and the other a pine, they can't help but be together. Joined for life. Michael and I found these on our trip the other day. I thought it was sweet and so did he. He made a comment about it, that was like us. Very different but the same where it counted.

We plan on going out for dinner but hope we don't have to wait in line.

On another happy note I got my new table set up. Ikea was a huge success. Lots of goodies to organize the studio. Still lots to do but hope to get it cracked out sometime this next week. Another busy one for me with Mom. I had a migraine on yesterday which took most of my day in bed.

Isn't this wonderful, sorry but I am so excited by this huge table. It measures 50" L x 31" W. Glass top. I bought a new matt to cover it so I won't scratch or chip it. The drawers are wonderful. 10 drawers more then I had in my previous table. I can't wait to get it all done with the stuff I need close.
Well I better scoot folks. I need to jump in the shower and get ready to go. Have a good one. Happy Fathers day to all the dads.


Schell said...

Love the story of the trees matching some of your life :0) Great desk, I'm starting to want one of those :0) I see them all the time now! We have an Ikea opening up in a month I think :0) Happy Dad Day to Michael and Happy Anniversary to both of you! Big Hugs!!!!

Tracy said...

Happy 29th Anniversary to you and Michael. That alot of love there.
Happy Father's day to your hubby :)

I so want that desk, it is so pretty. Did it come with that glass top?
Love all those drawers. I have Desk Envy :)

Jingle said...

Happy Anniversary and WONDERFUL new table!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the table for organizing and the two grown together trees! Happy Anniversary to you both and Happy Birthday to your hubby!

PEA said...

Thank you Schell Bell. Funny how nature and life can sometimes mimic each other huh? Oh lucky you with a ikea coming. I wish!
Have a great week.

PEA said...

Thank you so much for the wishes Tracy. It was a wonderful day.

Desk envy- LOL you are so funny. You should get one.

Nice video today too. Love all those tags.
have a great week my friend

PEA said...

Thank You Jingle. Have a great week.

PEA said...

Thank you Theanne! have a wonderful week.

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Pea,

Love that desk ! Wish I had room for one in my sewing room !

Thoughtful story about the trees..


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Oh, and Happy Anniversary !!!


PEA said...

Thank you so much Linda. I am lucky my room is 11 x 13. Not that big but bigger then what I had. If I still had the little room there is no way I could have that tab;e/
Thanks again. Hugs,Pea

xox ashley said...

happy anniversary! that desk is awesome! i really wish we had an ikea where i live