Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Hello Everyone,
I made these flowers and showed to a few friends. They wanted me to show them how I did them. Although I think we all made them in grade school. LOL Okay maybe that shows my age*Wink*.

This one I made with old pieces of patterns from my mom from her seamstress days. I glitz spritz it from Lindy's stamp gang. Love that stuff.

This one is made from $1.00 store white tissue and used the glitz spritz and painted it with a paint brush. A pretty bead glued in the center. Still have to make the leaves.

Here is the *LINK* to the video.

On to my day. Last night Mom called and said she thought that yellow jackets were getting into the attic. She wanted Michael to come and take a peek. So we went over there. He climbed up there and looked around but didn't hear or see anything. She was relieved to hear that. I will go and see her tomorrow to take her to grocery shopping.
also had to go get a new sticker for my car so I can get on base. MOm shouldn't be driving that much yet. I have been trying to get that sticker done for months and just now got it. It is a pain in the butt and you sit there forever like if you went to the DMV.
I am gonna try and have another video done tomorrow. We shall see. It depends on how late it is with Mom. It might be Thursday.
Okay kids I have bored you long enough. Working on goodies for the give away. Just running behind with my hands. still hard to sew yet. When you see the video you will see what I mean.


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

What a great blog~ I love your very first tutorial. I could use this darling flouffy flower in so many fun ways!

Stop by StoneGable. I am having a fabulous Mikasa china giveaway!
So nice to meet you!

Tracy said...

Oh I love them both, but now I think that pink/white one is gorgeous.

I wish your hands would just behave themselves and get better.

PEA said...

Thank you Yvonne. I hope you make some flowers. Nice to meet you as well.

PEA said...

tracy, thank you sweetie and trust me when I say- Oh I wish they would, my arms, legs, chin and all of it would go away. Me too, me TOO!

Theanne and Baron said...

Hi PEA...the roses are BEAUTIFUL and out of old dress patterns...talk about recycling :) I understand about the base sticker issue...wait wait wait and wait some more!