Sunday, June 5, 2011

Yet another video project

Yep, I am home for another really short break but the good news is it is my last break. I will be home for good on Tuesday. Mom is being quite ornery, so I know she is feeling better. Right now I know I am not even needed but wanted so I am staying a few more days until she goes to the doctors. Her dog will get to come home this next weekend. I know they both will be so happy when that happens.

I created another piece for the Lindy's Stamp Gang Under the Sea contest. I just had to make one more project for it. I don't expect to win but sure having fun trying ;)

here is the video link

I don't know why I am still so nervous doing these. I got squeaky on one part. I don't understand why? I gotta stop that. I sound like a dork, but I hope to grow out of it. LOL

Okay I know this is a short post but I am very tired. I was up so very late last night trying to finish this project. Want a hot shower and a nice soft pillow.
See you Tuesday!


Tracy said...

So happy to hear your mom is on the mend. Also that you get to go home for good on Tuesday :)
I am surprised by all the creating you have done.....maybe you need to stay at your mom's longer ;)

As for you project I just watched your video. Unbelievably stunning.
You are so talented lady.
Who would have even thought that up. I love everything you did. The log book looks like real aged leather.
Love that you put a plexi glass cover on it. It reminds me of going to the museum and seeing the artifacts under the glass.
Again my friend soooo stunning.

PEA said...

Tracy, ha ha. I don't think it is cause I am at mom's house I am getting so much done. I think a little motivation on free stuff is why ;) LOL
Thank you so much. Do you think I need to do a video tutorial on how to do the leather look? Most folks probably know how already.
I put the cover on it cause of some of the sand was loose. tee hee. didn't want it falling out. If LSG doesn't want it then it will be going to my DIL's Mom.
Thanks again my friend

Anonymous said...

Happy your Mom is improving and her doggie is coming home!

Watched part of your video you have so much imagination and talent! It's amazingly fantastic!

Beth said...

You have a ton of talent and patience because I would have not done all those special color effects, but then again, that's probably why my stuff doesn't look like yours. LOL! I have to say that your idea is truly out of the box (pun intended too) ;)

Marlene said...

This is quite a gorgeous project!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day....I'm afraid I'm a couple days behind in visiting!

PEA said...

Thank you theanne & baron ;)
I dont know that is that good, but very sweet of you to say!

PEA said...

Beth, thank you. So very nice:). You are funny! I love doing the details. Get lost in it sometimes and go overboard, but just what makes my art so fun for me.
Thanks for popping by again. pea

PEA said...

Marlene, I am way behind so dont feel bad. Thank you! Hope you will come by again.