Sunday, July 17, 2011

a Recent Swap

hey everyone,
I have been MIA for awhile. Still fighting with the hands, so glue and paper have been all that I have been able to do. Although I did do some sewing a few days ago. I will share that later.
I joined the Super secret cigar box swap hosted by jadedstudios on you tube. It have been a blast. I sent my box out and my partner has received it. Here is the *LINK*
keep watching cause there are three parts of goodies I made. Here is a picture of my swap box.

The "p" was actually a temporary letter for the initial of my partner.
here is the inside of the box, which doubles as a pincushion.

The theme was a sewing box. Retro,mod chic. I went with lighter colors to please my partner. The extra challenge was to do a separate pin cushion and this is the one I made for my partner.

She collects dress forms so I just had to try and make her one.

If you want to see details of the box and hear what/how I chose to create it, the link to that is *HERE*
So this is my swap. I have received my package from my secret. I am still working on the videos and pictures. Hope to have all of them up by tomorrow. Working on the swaps for July already. WHEW! Gotta get with it and some sewing too if my hands will behave.
have a great week everyone.


Tracy said...

Your cigar box is stunning. You have such an eye for detail.
Love, love your dress form pin cushion. STUNNING.

Hope you hands get better real quick.
I have sent your package off and you should receive it by Wed, or Thurs. I sent you an email, but it won't send from the hotel for some reason?

PEA said...

Thank you Tracy. I am happy my partner liked everything. I got my box today! YAY! such happy mail! thank you again.

Theanne and Baron said...


PEA said...

Thank you Theanne!

xox ashley said...

goooorgeous dress form. i'm going to go through your entire blog now to find all of the ones you've created so far. so inspiring :)