Monday, August 22, 2011

98 posts to go~LOL~ Swap with Tracy's treasures


No, I am not really going to try to do 98 posts but thought it would be fun to say it. LOL
Last month I also received my swap from Tracy of Tracy's Treasures
She and I had done a very large pay it forward swap. I had sent her a mini and a few goodies. I know you have probably seen the video but incase you missed it, it is *HERE*.
She has been working like crazy and had lots of stuff going on. It took her awhile but she managed to get me back with little teasers of it. LOL This is it, it is the first mini I have ever received and I treasure it! She made me cry!
Here is the Video~

here is the stunning card, it must have taken her hours and hours. She even made all the flowers on all the projects. HOLY BUCKETS BATMAN! LOL

here is another project~ My naughty fairy cage. LOL You will have to watch the video for the explanation on that one.LOL

and here is one of my favorite pages. I took only a few shots as I did the video and you get to see all the wonderful details in that. Or even the one Tracystreasures24 on youtube. She explains what she did and why. Very interesting and a trick or two;)

the Link to Tracy's video on that is here*

Thank you again Tracy. I get to enjoy this mini, the naughty fairies LOL and my card decorates my ipod docking station. It is all so special to me. I will treasure it always.


Schell said...

I enjoyed watching you go through this package. Tracy is wonderfully talented and such a thoughtful friend! I'm really glad that we get to share her, hee hee! Hugs!

PEA said...

Hee hee Schell Bell. I love sharing and Tracy is a wonderful friend to both of us. I hope we can get to know each other more as time goes on;)

Tracy said...

Ok you two you are making my blush, teehee.
I am so happy that you really liked the mini.
Keep those fairies in check. They were angels when I sent them to you ;)

PEA said...

Thanks sweetie. Angels when they left huh? Ha ha doubt it. Just on their best behavior to fool you. LOL

Tracy said...

Just checking for word verification while I am chatting to you :)