Monday, August 22, 2011

Post number two ~ kindness of friends

yes, back so soon. I figured I should show you all a few special creations I received recently. I am so blessed to have met so many wonderful friends here on line. One of them is Schell of Schell's craft corner
I sent her some random stuff from my studio last month. It was stuff I wasn't going to using and she insisted on returning something to me. I didn't do it for any reason other then the items I knew would get used by her and her crafty boys;)
BOY did she shock me and spoil me rotten!
here are some lovely flowers she made using my tutorial for making puffy flowers or as my dear Katers calls them Poo-fey.

She also made me some wonderful vintage style cuts with her cricut and I can't wait to give these some play time;)

She sent a journal and lots of wonderful gifts but this one made me gasp! I love this little hook. It now has a home in my studio right inside the door.( sorry the sign is crooked)

here is the close up of this darling hook. Schell Bell, I LOVED IT ALL! I treasure it and your friendship. thank you so much.

Isn't it just darling? I had made a video of me opening everything and my P.C. ate it. I have looked everywhere. Must have been sent to la la land when this thing crashed a few weeks back. Oh it was bad. sorry Schell:(.
Everything was so sweet and she even wrapped it nice. Special goodies from her and her boys. Along with a very sweet card. Sorry my pics didn't turn out of that. Will try and capture that with the studio tour. The goodies are still out.

Thank you again Schell. I know this is very late posting but wanted you to know that I so appreciated everything. Big HUGS


Schell said...

Big hugs right back to you Pea! I am so thankful you love it all. I can't wait to see what you make with the vintage stuff :0)

PEA said...

Yes, Schell Bell, I love it all. I am looking forward to playing with the vintage stuff. have a few ideas for that. Will have to wait until after the wedding. Hugs,Pea

Tracy said...

Awww I love everything Schell has sent you.
I love your "P" hook. so pretty.
Those cuts are lovely, I will have to ask her which cart she used.

PEA said...

Thanks tracy, I love it to bits.