Friday, January 6, 2012

THE word for 2012 is ...



  1. The action of organizing something.
  2. The structure or arrangement of related or connected items.
 So that is what I have been doing! The studio is where I started as I am a year behind on this. If you remember last year I started this and had to stop to take care of Mom during her surgery. She is better now so the New Year brings with her new HOPE*. Hope to be able to get organized and Simplify my life in the process.
 I took this picture last year as I had started organizing my trims/ ribbons. For two days even through 5 hrs of now power with a flashlight I organized my trims. Yes, Tracy of Tracy's Treasures said I was very dedicated. Yes, I am. I am going to get organized once and for all! I need this like I need more scrappy stuff. LOL It will become my addiction for the time being.  I need to know what I have so I can use what I have to make room for NEW. LOL Yep, vowed to use it and not hoard it any longer. I am not saving it for the kids any more.

I am proud to say that so far I have emptied 12 big tubbies, 4 little ones( holds like a big pair of boots) and have 2 tubs to sell and 2 lawn bags to give away. WHEW! In one weeks time that isn't bad.
Today I unwrapped 75 spools of ribbon onto 12 sheets of chipboard. each cut into 4 pieces. so it is a lot of takes up a lot less of a foot print of space. Loads of space saving. I organize them by type of ribbon. Not color  or size. As I add restock I will do it by color but for now simply by type. grosgrain, satin, glitter,organdy, rick rack, seam binding, vintage, velvet , Halloween, Christmas, ruffle and lace. I will do a video when the whole room is done. I am gonna be done this Month. God willing and the creek don't rise. LOL Mom always says that.
 So back to work for me. Lots of changes going on and you might see a few here on my blog.
 Have a lovely weekend.


Adam Thomas said...
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Tracy said...

Good for you on getting your studio organized. You will love it when it is all done and you can find everything and know where to put the New stuff, teehee.
I chuckled when I read you put your trims in trim types, I know you love your trims, lol.

worker4ever123 said...

HI Pea...Do you have a video on this...I must go look....hugs...Amy v

PEA said...

Yes, Tracy, but you see I use trims for dolls too. One doll may take 4 to 5 yards of trim. To me the details are everything in a project. So I love lots of them and texture. LOL
Oh I can't wait until it is done.

PEA said...

Amy no video yet but I am getting there. I will try and make one this week when I am done. Just for you!

Tracy said...

I use lace and trims when I sew as well, but never seem to take it over to the paper craft.
I am trying to though ;)

Dena said...

Wow you've really got your groove on! I can't believe how you are just plowing through. My my my those are a lot of trims *drool*. You are NOT a hoarder. You are a lover of crafty things and always need the right thing on hand to make the perfect thing.

Now you have to cheer me on to pack all this stuff up. And then again when I get to unpack it. Don't know a time line yet but it will be in the next few months. Goodness how I dread it.

PEA said...


PEA said...

Dena, aren't you a dear! I love what you said. Now I feel so much better. LOL A sigh of relief that I might now end up on T.V. LOL

You can do it, girl. Oh lucky you to have all your copics. I have so very far to go. Funny thing is I started before Tracy. I think I will have to order some here in a few weeks.
have a great week sweetie