Friday, June 8, 2012

The big ugly

 I revealed on You tube that the big ugly was a huge filing cabinet. It was so ugly and still is! LOL I have been trying to paint it but weather just isn't cooperating very well. We have had lots of rain and very little shine. Today the sun peeked out a bit and that was wonderful but simply not warm enough to spray paint :(. I am hoping for another try tomorrow but simply not holding my breath.
See this ugly color. It is actually a beige like burnt oatmeal. LOL  Some insides of the drawers are a gray military gray color. So My guess is it was a military cabinet at one time. Sold someone painted it this blah color and used it for their chimney business. It had a sticker on it saying chimney services. That was kinda neat to see.
My papers won't fit exactly the way I had planned and I sure hope I can get it all in here. If I can't I don't have a plan B at this point so I guess I will get that figured out when I get there. LOL Poor hubby if he has to move this beast twice. It is HEAVY! I mean HEAVY. I can barely scoot it. I am not weak but I am not a lumberjack either. LOL
 So back to work for me.  I have a few projects calling my name. Including the vacuum. LOL


Tracy said...

Oh you will figure it all out I am sure.
Good exercise for hubby, teehee.

PEA said...

hee hee, thank you Tracy!