Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Cup runnith over

 Daddy always said you could measure the success of a persons life by their friends and the quality of them. I am very fortunate to know some very good quality people and even luckier to call a few of them friends.
 One such person is Tracy of Tracy's treasures. She is probably one of the closest people on the planet to me besides my BFF and my family. She is sincere and just a genuine good egg! A bit scrambled on days but I hey, I know I am so it works out for both of us! LOL I know she will laugh at that statement, she gets my humor. Most people don't. I guess in this case it takes one to know one! LOL

 Okay, enough mush on to the real reason of my post. I have received some wonderful happy mail in the past few days. One such bit of happy mail was this beautiful card. It made me smile and laugh as well. Tracy knows what I like. Scrap stuff. LOL so she geared the card towards a few of my favorite things. LOL
 I am sure she spent countless hours coloring this image as well. I love her coloring. It is so good. I have a lot of catching up to do to be this good. Maybe one day perhaps.
 Tracy also sent a long a few stamps. She knows my love of the gorjuss girls stamps. So she ordered a few of them for me! I have inked them up but not colored them yet. I will hopefully soon. Just not enough hours in the days. Now if you know how to make a clone, we need to talk! LOL
 Here are my pretty stamps
 So adorable! I love them both. I look forward to trying my hand at these.  Thanks so much Tracy! I don't know what I would do without ya!


Tracy said...

Ohh you made my day seeing this post. You touched my heart, you always do.
Yes we may be scrambled some times, but that's what makes us unique ;)

PEA said...

thanks Lady! Big hugs and love,Pea
now where are my eggs? ! LOL