Monday, August 13, 2012

room tour

 Just a very short picture only video of my craft studio. I love it. This is technically the before as there are changes going on. #1 change, the pink is going bye bye. I don't really care for pink but pale, pale pink and this does not suit me at all. My mom gave the me the rose pillow and towel to cover my seat- kitty  has claws. But it just doesn't feel right so out it goes. I want to take somethings out and add a few new ones. the layout will probably for the most part stay. Just a few changes. Hope by Christmas it will be done. LOL


Tracy said...

Great creative space Pea :)
Love it. I also love the nice window you have and your desk of course :)
Looking forward to seeing the big ugly in there, teehee
We should challenge each other to get our rooms organized by wait I take that back, lol.

PEA said...

ha ha ha! well ya know we should! It might be hard though especially since this is my busy time. we can talk about it January when the room gets the once over. LOL
yes, it is here and working out nicely.