Friday, July 18, 2008

Halloween banner and Gabby


Jenny said...

She is cute! I wish I could get her for you! Not as fast as some? Who's fast? LOL

Hope you are having a good weekend.


Pea said...

Aw Jenny it is the thought that counts and that is very sweet of you to think that.
Not as fast as some doll makers Meaning YOU, and Tonya!
Some of you gals that get all this stuff done and it takes me forever. I get caught up in all the little details that I so love doing.
That is how it goes though. I just gotta get that java you drink and kick hubbsters, kidders, and barkers out of the house! LOL
Then I know I could get alot done. When they aren't here I can clean the whole house top to bottom in like a hour and half.
well must get busy. I spend too much time on this thing. Big problem for me.

~Tonya said...

Thanks for posting Gabby, Pea. She is one of my favorites.


Pea said...

You are welcome my friend.