Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh lookie what I found!!

I just couldn't resist these sweet little faces on ebay. I got these little cards on ebay from a member of a former group of mine.
Meg or Nutmeg her friends call her, is a very talented artist and these adorable little cards prove it. I am going to frame one of each for my studio and use the others for cards for friends. I think I need to get one more. I have a cool frame with three slots. Might even have to make new curtains?mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Now I am going and as if I don't have enought to do. Thank you again Nutmeg, I will chat with you soon.


the magpie said...

ahhhh....yer a SWEET pea! :) got my little rusty pins in the mail yesterday...yours are the BEST!!! thank you kindly for the "toot" and the treats!!

Cookie said...

You just cant have too much of a good thing, including ALL of Nutters stuff. My heart was full of joy last summer when we actually got to meet in Greeley - she is even more precious in person!!

Pea said...

You are most welcome my dear. I love your little cards. Thank you for the toot!

Pea said...

I agree! her stuff is wonderful. I love them.
Ohhh how cool is that. I know her chillin's are just adorable. She will have to bolt the doors when they get older. LOL
Thanks for popping by my friend.

BirchBerry Farms said...

Oh Sweet Pea----ou are a riot---thanks for the award and for stopping by the other day----it is always nice to hear from you----LOVE those cards and yup---she is pretty darn talented!!!

~Tonya said...

Those cards are adorable! I am sure they will so neat framed up.

Have FUN creating Pea.


Pea said...

Thank you Renee.
I can't wait to paint my frames and get them up. Got a bit of a list ahead of them though. OH well it is the way it goes.

Pea said...

Thank you Tonya,
I am gonna be a busy girl.
Have the best day ever..