Monday, July 21, 2008

Whooo HOO Lets Party

Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy

I am the 1st prize winner! WHoo HOO Oh what a lucky Pea I am... Tee hee
Thank you so very much Jenny.


Crowing About Primitives said...

congrats Pea...

I've left a blog award for you over at my blog ~ you don't have to feel obligated to "play" ~ I just love your work.. Ann

Jenny said...

Hi Pea~ Gosh you should be getting that soon too! In a pretty hot pink box! Have fun. I hope you dig the little purse. I am gonna have another giveaway around my 200th blog, and gosh you know how much I blog, so could be just around the corner. I have many more gifts in line for that. :)

Enjoy your Prizes!



Pea said...

Thank you So much Ann. That is the nicest thing you could say especially since your work is so beautiful.

Pea said...

Oh wow Jenny. The guys at the P.O. will think that I ordered somthing sexy for Michael at V. Secrets. LOL He works at the P.O. ya know so that should be fun for him. LOL
Thank you so very much again and I am sure your give away won't be far off for sure.

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Lucky you, PEA !! Congratulations on winning Jenny's giveaway !

How has the weather been in your area of the world ... it has been so rainy here in PA.. NO wonder , it's one of the states with the least amount of sunshine.. At least it gives me an excuse to sit inside and sew and create dollies..LOL..
Have fun creating..

Pea said...

Thank You Linda,
I got my goodies today and how nice it really is. I am a lucky girl.
Wish it would rain although been cool here. Just need some water. Would save me some trouble. LOL
You have a great one too.

~Tonya said...

Yee Haw!! You lucky dog Pea! Love the funky little purse and the prints are so pretty.

Have a great day Pea.

Pea said...

Tonya, I am getting spoiled this year. I am so loving it!
What a adorable prize this was. I feel fancy.

Shay said...

Oh congrats and lucky you!!! I just was wishing I'd get picked! lol That was such an awesome giveaway from Jenny!