Friday, July 25, 2008

where did the time go?

OMG my baby is almost grown? Senior pictures already? How could this be?
I am floored that my daughter has one more year of school and she will be gone? Now I feel so old and I am not. This is what we wanted, our children while we were young so that we could spend more time together. How did I blink and it all come to be?
hugs and kiss your babies cause this will be your wondering mind someday. They may drive you batty and interrupt while you are on the phone, or even follow you like lost pups but enjoy this time. Soon will be the last thought on their minds. They will have boyfriend or girlfriends, cell phones, cars and dances. You will simply be the check book and all you will hear on a daily basis is OH MOM! LOL
So hug them my friend and if you don't have the 2 legged kids and only 4 legged babies then give them a treat. Cause they are alot less work. *SMIRK*


crafty said...

let's hope our kids have a lot of health and happiness in their lives.
joan in italy

Pea said...

AMEN to that.... it is at the top of my list...

Sara~Graphic Pretties said...

Hi Pea!

Same here, I had our first when I was 20 and now she just turned 16 Time is going faster and faster!...YIKES


Pea said...

Know just how you feel. They grow up way too fast.

~Tonya said...

Yup, two of my kiddies have birthdays in Aug. and where does the time go.

Soon Katie will be off on her own. Katie looks like a bit of a "rebel"...know you love that about the pic. LOL Just had to pic on ya.

I like the sepia tone one best, (looks like it is near a lake?) But then again I had my kiddies pictures done and they were all in sepia tone. I love the things that look olde. Just how I am.

Have a good one Pea.


Shay said...

awww your daughter is just so adorable and pretty! They do grow up so quick! I can't believe my oldest will be turning 5! Seems like time just moves so fast! It'd be nice to freeze it every once in a while! lol
Blessings and smiles,

Anonymous said...