Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Kindness Of Others!

I consider myself a blessed person with the friends I have and have had in my life. I am always amazed by the kindess that others show me. I have met many wonderful folks here in the land of www but one I must honor today is none other then Victoria Lynn of Kentucky Primitives.

Last week I went to Victoria's site and saw that she had this wonderful olde time cotton batting listed on her site.

Long story short I was having internet/p.c. issues and I couldn't order it. So I emailed her and asked to order some. She requested my addy and shipped it off. I waited for the invoice to come and sent her a note. She said nope- it is on me along with many glowing words of kindness and well it gave me a big head for a minute.!!!!

Then her sweet package arrived with more glowing words of kindness. Now I do NOT know what I have ever done to deserve such sweet words/kindness but I had tears in my eyes when I read her note.

So from the bottom of my heart Victoria thank you!

She has added many wonderful goodies and patterns to her site. I am making her sheep for my show and can't wait to do them. so off to work I go my friends.

Blessings ,Pea


old world primitives said...

How sweet of Victoria! What a day brightener that must have been. :) I need to go check out her newest patterns now.

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


What a sweet thoughtful thing to do !.. Well, I am off to check Victoria's site ..
Your sheep will be darling !

Pea said...

Yes, so sweet of her indeed.
Yep, she always has new patterns.

Pea said...

I was surprised and blessed.
Thank you sweetie.

Shay said...

Hiya Miss Sweet Pea!
Aww what a sweet surprise! Victoria was so nice! But you know, I quite think you deserve that, you are indeed a wonderful and kind person yourself! I cannot wait to see some sheep! And thank you so much for saying such wonderful comments about my items! We'll see tomorrow on the giveaway! I'm excited to see who will win!
Many hugs!

Doreen said...

Oh Pea..that's so sweet. You deserve it though..I have never known you to be anything but kind to others..that kind of caring comes back to you dear Pea!!!


Pea said...

Miss shay,
what a sweetie you are and thank you for the compliments. It is nice to know that I am good at something.. LOL
You are most welcome on your artwork. Did a beautiful job and even if I don't win I can drool. Or blackmail the winner. LOL just kidding.

Pea said...

Why thank you Ma'am! That was such a sweet thing to say. I do try to do to others as you would wish them to do to you. Like Momma taught me.
Have a wonderful week my friend.