Saturday, December 27, 2008

Can you say Christmas OVERLOAD?

Well I have ALWAYS been a Christmas nut. But My GOSH I didn't know that I had gone completely nuts over the last 10 yrs. Up until this evening I had 2 LARGE Dishpack boxes ya know the giant ones? And 7 TUBBIES!!!
Good Night Nurse that is A LOT of CHRISTMAS stuff!!
Soo for two days I have been sorting, unwrapping and re-wrapping all this stuff. I am so very proud of myself at the moment because, I am down to two LARGE dish pack boxes since they are so heavy and stack nice. And two Tubbies not including the nativity set. That is a third tubby. I went through everything with a open heart. One just can't keep everything. I have to get the clutter out of here. Michael and I are talking that we might want to move in a few years, closer to town. The clutter has taken over my life and I simply have too much stuff. I want a nice neat house with less stuff. So out the door it goes. Have all the rooms to go through but one at a time.
Now the fun really begins. Putting all the stuff for the eldest in a tubby. DD stuff in a small box cause she only wants a tiny tree and then packing all the other stuff off to goodwill. After the snow clears that is . Right now it is just pure snot. Slippery stuff out there now. Slush on top of solid packed ice. ACK!


Cindy said...

Hi Pea,
Thanks for stopping by my blog to visit. I am also feeling to need to get rid of some clutter...I find that the older I get, the more simple I want things to be.

Have a Happy New Year and wishing you lots of wonderful blessings in 2009.

Carla said...

I'm a collector of clutter. Guess I'll always be. Hard to give it away.

Cookie said...

what a perfect tree - girl, I can so relate to the tubs but must admit, mine aren't dwindling at all! *sigh* I'm such a clutterbug too!

Pea said...

Yes a birthday is fast approaching and I will be OLD-ER again. LOL
I need to get organized so I can have more time to create.
Wonderful blessings for you as well.

Pea said...

the clutter has taken over and nothing that is IMPORTANT is showing up. Sooo I am getting rid of stuff that has no special meaning.

Pea said...

Ah thank you so much cookie. This is last years tree. I didn't get the pics from my BF before she left.:( I have to keep the special stuff! so by getting rid of the stuff that I bought I can keep the goodies from family and friends. Then the decorations have more meaning.
I need more time to create. Instead of being such a stuff shifter of stuff from one room to another! LOL
Your home is PERFECT! Clean and doesn't look cluttered at ALL!

~*~Birdy~*~ said...

Hey Pea!! Thank you for dropping by my Blog! Yes could you send me some SNoW..LoL~*~You have plenty of it!
I have also passed on some Christmas goodies to my grandaughter..She was so Happy! So they will be making more Memories for her and her family!
Happy New Year Pea! ~*~Birdy

Pea said...

Thank you Birdy. Oh you want snow well let me get the trucks and I will deliver it myself! LOL
You have the merriest of New Years as well as Good health,& love.

BirchBerry Farms said...

Hey girl----throw me a life jacket---I was drowning in Christmas over-DONE---heehee----hope y9ou had a great time with your family and especially having your sweet boy around too----thanks for poppin in the other day---did you eat the last donut???

Pea said...

Hey Renee,
Ah my friend, Christmas was nice with my boys here and Katie too! I had my family and that is the most important. we are still getting snow but hey I will dig my way out if need be! LOL
Yeppers, I ate the last doughnut. It was my favorite lemon filled. Thanks sugar for the rush.

Atticbabys said...

Merry Belated Christmas Pea!!!
Wishing you have a wonderful New Year!
Hugs, Nan

Pea said...

Thank you Nan!
The same to you my dear.