Saturday, December 27, 2008


Miss Janey from Look in the Nook was my swap partner in the ornament exchange for my WSOAPP group. Oh what a wonderful swap partner she is. Look at ALL MY LOOT!!!

Janey made me a wonderful prim snowman shaker with a stick base. Just look at that grin. OH so cute. I also received a jar plum full of peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies( hubbers at them all just about) as well as a sweet burlap bag with three tea lights that smell yummy(cinnamon and pine), & six sweet little tags. So pretty could be used for ornies I tell ya. So Janey even though my pics are not doing your work justice, my hands & camera fighting me. I love everything. So very nice and so appreciated. You rock girl!


Carla said...

Cute snowman! I collect them and love them all! Looks like you had a good holiday. I hope the new year treats you well too.

Pea said...

Thank you Carla,
I love snowmen too! The same to my dear. May the New Year bless you beyond your dreams.

Cookie said...

oh my word... if that isnt the cutest snowman I've seen in a long lon gtime, I'll eat his hat!!!

I love swaps - and yours looks like it was tops Pea-baby!

Happy New Year, sweets!

Pea said...

you crack me up! I love the little guy too. I can't let you eat his hat. That is part of his charm... LOL