Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hello Everyone,

With year there has been so many changes to me personally and professionally, With that I feel I need a name change. With new changes in my art style as well as direction I have taken Pea Picker's Primitives feels as if it is stifling my creativity.

SOOo I have decided to have a name change Contest/Give away.

The Grand prize winner will receive the Grand prize based on suggested New name for Pea Picker's Primitives that is chosen by Me.

There will also be other prizes given as a drawing.For the Give away drawing all you have to do is Post a suggested name. If you post this to your blog you will get your name thrown into the hat twice. If you have posted on your blog about HOPE that poor puppy below I will enter your name into the hat a third time. You can enter as many names as you like.
*As with my new change I prefer not to have the words Pea Or Primitive in my suggested new name*

It was raining terribly today so some of the pictures of the prizes will be added tomorrow. The rest will be added in a day or two.

This contest/ Give away will be DRAWN on the 16th. So that prizes can be mailed out on the 17th in time for holiday enjoyment.

I am very excited can't wait to see what the new name will be!

Blessings to you and yours, Pea


Dani said...

Hi Pea, I just had to be the first one here to post LOL
Here's a few I thought of....
Kinda hard, since I have no clue what your real first name is, since you didn't want to use Pea's. So here's my try, I'll try more later if i get more ideas.

1.Tattered Treasures

2.Tattered Creations by Pea’s ( I know you said you didn’t want your name in it) LOL

3.Cherish Memories of the past and the present

4. For the love of all creations

5. Trinkets and Treasures

Ok that's my best for really late night thinking. LOL


Pea said...

These are wonderful Dani,
Thank you so very much. I will add you to the hat. First one! Whoo hoo!

Laura Ann said...

Hi Pea... I love your creations...they are wonderful..
I have a couple names for you as well.
1. Whismey Productions
2. Living Creations

Those are my take on your art. I truly enjoy being a watcher of your blog and hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and great luck choosing your new name.
Laura ann

Pea said...

Laura Ann,
got you down twice as you have Hope on your blog. Thanks Hon. I am putting them all in one bowl and then will think them over. That is so nice of you to say!

Dani said...

Hi Pea, LOL it's 3am here and I'm still mind boggling for names.

I do have "Hope" on my blog also. Forgot to mention that.

ok another few names here.

1.Whimsical Creations

2.Whimsical Treasures

3.Shabby, Whimsical & Tattered

ok it's late, Need to go to sleep.

Pea said...

Dani, You are funny! Great new names to have me ponder on.
BTW, my real name is Phillane. Now you know why I go by Pea.
I have added you to the pot again for Hope. I will be making a little banner for the contest tomorrow.
Well today. it is 1:30 here. Off to work on more goodies.

Dani said...

LOL Pea, Now I understand.
now if you don't want Pea, We could go with Philly? LOL but then again, We all know you as Pea, so let's keep it that way. Ok it's 4am. I am really going to bed now. LOL
Can't wait to see the new goodies you got in the making.


Pea said...

Philly? Mmmmmmmmmmmm NO! MY g.f used to call me Philly Pea Pod and I hated it. So now ya know the story behind Pea.
Yep, go to bed already girl. My gosh worse then me....
I will be up till mmmmmmm about 6 probably. Oh boy but that is me a working.

mindy said...

ok here goes my first thought....

Sparkle and whimsy

You know how you have that new love for glitter?

I will keep thinking!

~Tonya said...

Good Luck on your Contest/Giveaway!

This should be so much fun for you.

I have one for you...

Whimsical Endeavors

I am blank at the moment otherwise.

I will try to think of more, as time goes one.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pea,

It's Lynnie here,

I have one suggestion that I could think of.

"Vintage from the Heart"

Thats all my brain can think of right now. I just love your creations...

Hugs to you Lynnie

auntmannys said...

Hey sweetie! I know its been a tough year for you and change is not always bad.

Ive been thinking about names to help you but my creative side has stauled out...LOL

this is what i could think of for now.

Bits of Me
(since each piece we make has a bit of ourselves in it)

Dibble Dabble
(because we dabble in all types of new creative adventures)

Ok, so they might be corny. I'll post again when i think of more. In the meantime, im off to post this on my blog as well as the help for Hope as well!

Aunt Mannys Creations

mindy said...

ok, more....
how about
wind beneath my wings creations

Grace creations~cause you know all about grace!!

still thinking

Sharon/primthyme said...

Hi Pea,
1.Thymeless Tattered Creations

2.Whimsical and Thymeless

with Endless Love

4.Mystical Creations

5.Mystical Thymes

6.Mystical Thymeless Creations

I love your blog !!!

Prim Hugs,& Blessings,

simple~needs said...

my ideas...........

1. By Her Hands

2. Simply Me

3. The Artful Heart

4. Creation Station

5. Handmade Promenade

6. Creative Life

7. Simply Me

8. Saathoff Studio

i posted about hope too. but you know that already. :)

simple~needs said...

good grief! i posted "simply me" twice. one of those was supposed to be "simply art"

Jenny said...

Hi pea~

Neat giveaway, so let see what I can think of...

1. Capricious Designs
2. Fanciful Notions
3. Quaint & Whimsy Creations

What do you think? I LOVE then all.heehee

Annie said...

hey Pea....You will always be PEA! lol
but I thought I would throw a name at you...
From My heART

Brenda, Rusty Creek Primitives said...

I love Saathoff Studio that Simple Needs posted. You've got a cool last name Pea!

Okay well I think your name is great but I understand a need for change.

The Whimsical Peatunia


albasworld said...

Hi Pea - can I still call you Pea? LoL!! Here are my first thoughts.

Artful Dreams
Artful wishes
All that Sparkles..........
The Artful Dreamer

Hugs & smiles, alba

Stacey said...

Here's a couple of names I've come up with:

1) Back 'n Thyme
2) Olde 'n Whimsical
3) Primsical Creations
4) The Tattered Sparkly Popsical Stand . . . don't ask . . . I just like it! LOL

Sue said...

Pea I am no good at this so won't even try...I posted about that poor dog Hope...How can someone treat any animal that way...My daughter and I are saving a horse right now...The horse looked like Hope...Any way I will sell any one a pattern of their choice for $3 (100% going to Hope) if they post about her on their blog....Enter me in your drawing PLEASE! Stop by and enter my giveaway...

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Hi Pea,

How are you !
I have posted the message about the doggie on my blog. That is just so hard to believe and understand..

For the life of me, I can't think of a perfect name change for you...
you are just a sweet Pea to all of us..

Timeless Treasures... makes me think of Priceless Treasures..

Timeless Creations..

Cherished Creations..

Late for dinner... just seeing if you were paying attention...LOL..

Whimsical Designs

Okay, brain freeze..
I am going to wash dishes now..

Pea said...

WOW everyone My mind is spinning with all these wonderful names.
YES, I will always be Pea to you just not in my business name.
Thank you for your post for Hope as well.
Thank you much!

lovetheprimlook said...

Pea, Tonya and I must be thinking alike :) How about Endless Endeavors ? I want to thank you again for helping with Hope. I will keep everyone post about her. Big Hugs !!!


albasworld said...

Here's another for ya.

Seasoned Creations or
Seasoned something.....still thinking on that one, lol, and you know - they really are kinda seasoned when you grunge....


simple~needs said...

you definitely got a cool last name.
"Saathoff Studio"

mindy said...

how about glitter and grace creations....
I still like sparkle and whimsy...might be my fav!

artful sparkle
a spark of glitter
a dash of sparkle
*creative sparkle studios*

ok I am out of ideas!

RabbitHollowPrims said...

Ok here is my thoughts which I am tired but here it goes:

Dollmaker's Destiny

Tomorrow's Treasures

Tattered and Torn Collectibles
Tattered and Torn Treasures

Whimfolksical- A Pinch of Folk, a dash of Whimsy!

Folksie Friends

Pea said...

Keep them coming everyone! Lots of good names here.
Thank you all so much.

Heidi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dani said...

Howdy, me again!! LOL

Sweet Pea's Design Studio (again Pea's in)

Saathoff's Design Studio

Artful Creations by Saathoff

Can you tell I'm really trying hard here LOL!!

There's so many wonderful names here!

Good luck to you.


Heidi said...

This is fun to try and come up with a business name.

Pop tArt Folk Art

Berries & Dream Designs

Holly (berries) & (Easter) Lillies

Holly and Lily Design Studio, Creations, Folk Art. Whichever term you want at the end.

Binky & Boo (Staying up in the alphabet will help for the sites that list alphabetically.

I'll keep thinking...

Cindy said...

Hi Pea,
Here's what I came up with...

Folk Art by P. Saathoff Designs

Whimsicals by P. Saathoff Designs

Best Wishes in choosing your new name and I can't wait to see all the wonderful creations that you will be making in the new year.


HowlingMoonDesigns said...

Hey Pea..
Good luck with this one..I changed my name a little over a year ago :)..How about:
Timeless Whimseys
Whimseys by Pea (everyone knows you by Pea)
Folk Art Whimsies
Whimsical Designs by Pea
Whimsies Studio

Merrie. said...

I will post about Hope; so sorry for that baby! As for names; making memories; or making magical memories or created vintage memories. I am so not good at names; Heartfelt Memories? Aww I just hope you find something that fits your heart; the things you create will be someones treasure forever; Tomorrow's Treasures? is that good? Well good luck ; Thanks for helping Hope! Merrie

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Hi, I am not great with names, hence, janesfabrics, but I will give it a whirl, found you on Merrie's Blog.

Saathoff's Cottage Arts
Through Saathoff's Hands (Eyes)
Arts A Plenty
Art from me to you
Art You Glad You Came

sorry that's it!!!

Carla said...

I'm terrible at naming things.
Prims from the Heart
Creations from a Primitive Heart
Created from a Primitive Hand

mindy said...

okey dokey last ones....

the creative spark studio

that magic spark

magic sparkles

that special sparkle

ok I am fresh out!

shopannies said...

what about magestic treasures or peas royality just a thought while I was looking at the pictures I thought of the antiques that my brother sells at his shop

Carla said...

Cottage Whimsy's
Whimsical Treasures
Simple Treasures
Treasures from the Heart

old world primitives said...

Hi Pea,
What about changing your name to "One at A Time Folk Art" so that you would retain some name recognition since you would be incorporating a phrase from your existing tagline. I think it would be descriptive of your work and catchy too! Have fun selecting and unveiling the new you tomorrow. :)

Artgirl said...
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Artgirl said...
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Artgirl said...
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Artgirl said...
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