Monday, January 5, 2009

what a lucky gal I am

I received another award today from Miss Jenny of Wonders of Whimsey. It was funny cause I kept looking for Pea pickers and it wasn't there. LOL Then it hit me. hee hee. I guess old habits die hard. tee hee. Thank you Jenny dear. How very nice.

So here it goes.

Fabulous Blog Award~

Jenny put 5 addictions, here are mine:
1. Fabric and girls I am in the running for the one who has most!
2. magazines and till recently had um- 175 uh yeh and I am getting rid of ALOT!
3. tea and chocolate. Love it all
4. learning new crafts. I want to be a know it all when I grow up! LOL Just kidding
5. being a good friend when ever and who ever possible
These are the five bloggers that I would like to nominate and who have touched my heart with kind words and deeds. Not mention the wonderful work they do.
1. prims by Kim
2.the smiling goat- Kim
3.Laura Ann
4. Mandy Aunt Manny's
5. Gina- cat nap primitives


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

thank you for the wonderful award..I will gladly post it on mine...glad your dumb snow is melting...we got a tracing last night.did it snow for you last night? I am so ready to be done...have a great I got to get used to your new name...:)
Gina :)

Artisan Memories said...

Wow...what can I say. I went to my email today I got another surprise.
The friendships and warmth from this artist community has brought me yet again to good tears. Thank you Pea!!! I appreciate this award!!!
I enjoy being on your blog and the wonderful words of wisdom that you have for each of us. you share a part of yourself each day and that is special.
Thanks for letting me be apart of it!!!
Laura Ann

auntmannys said...

awww pea you are such a sweetie! ive been sick this weekend and this was a wonderful surprise! ive got it posted on my blog with a link back to your special place. Thank you so much for thinkin of me girl!


Phillane E'lee said...

Laura Ann,
you are welcome. I share wisdom huh? Well darlin that come with being OLDER then The HILLS! LOL
I am glad to have you share it as well.

Phillane E'lee said...

I hope your package will be there on thursday.
Thanks sweetie,Pea