Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have been trying to clean my studio and it have been one thing after another. Yesterday was a blur with a migrain and today is a tiny bit better but not letting go like I would like. Just the change in weather sets them off. Some days I can't move or see and others are simply where I am sick on the couch and feel like I had a hit and run with a tree. LOL the tree won.

So here is my cotton fabrics cabinet. I got it all cleaned out and it looks so nice. Sold some fabric and others were donated but it is clean. I will show you more as I get there. Have a lonnnnnnnnnng ways to go. I am working on the closet now. I had a bunch of stuff( giggle). How do we get soo much stuff? How did I get it all in that little tiny room and my gosh no wonder I would never find what I am looking for. Grab and stash don't work really. LOL so I am getting my room re- organized, labeled and cleaned. Then maybe my brain/body can create once again.

Have a good day.



Bone*Head*Studios said...

Pea,I've only had one severe migrain in my entire life...Poor you!!!I do hope that it's gone by now?
but your co-ordinated fabric cubby looks so neat and tidy..wanna come over to my studio?

Anonymous said...

OOOH Pea, look at all that fabric and folded so nicely... girlfriend, you want to come help me organize? I sure hope your head is feeling better, I too suffer from migraines and they are simply the worst...Wanted to see what you are up to sweet Pea.... Hugs, MO

Phillane E'lee said...

thank you ever so much for your kind words. I hate to say it but migrains run in the girls in my family. My mom had them and would be in bed for weeks, I have them and so does my poor daughter. The boys don't get them but the eldest has had a few.
Well I will be happy to help ya clean the studio. I will work for free if I get to watch ya work. LOL
Have the most wonderful day.

Phillane E'lee said...

Hey ya Mo,
Thank you for stopping by. OH no poor you. I hate to think anyone has these nasty migrains. I am feeling better today. I think it left me alone for the moment but I am sure it will be back.
Sure I will come on over. I will put you on the list. LOL
Thanks for checking on me darlin.

softinthehead said...

It was so nice to see a comment from you on my blog, thank you my dear friend.....Maybe when I make my trek out west this next month we can finally meet in person, whatcha think?

Speaking of studios, first I wish I had one, second whoa are you organized! You'd faint if you saw the puddle of chaos I work out of....kinda like my mind! Happy New Year Pea! Pam

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Wow.. what a great looking sewing studio.. all nice and neat..
hey, enjoy it while it lasts..LOL
with everything in its place..
I started to clean up my sewing room.. I rearranged it and now I have more space to put more stuff !
Yes, I have had my share of nasty on the couch..can't even think headaches too.. some are caused by sinus trouble - allergies, etc., others by not enough iron and vitamins, not drinking enough water, chocolate, sodium nitrate in food, and as you say, a change in the weather..
Happy organizing..!
Hugs to you !

Phillane E'lee said...

Well Hello Pam,
site for sore eyes you are.
I would love to meet up and I remember you said you know where Silverdale is. That would be wonderful. Just email me when you get to town and we can plan all the details.

Oh chaos is all too familar to me. I just can't think, create or work in that anymore. My studio is my retreat and well you wouldn't pay money to relax in there. LOL You would run for the hills. SOoo it must be cleaned. I know I am blessed to not work at the dinning room table again but my family wants a happy momma in that respect. tee hee. Besides I am a very messy creator. trust me a door between my world and this one is a good thing. LOL
Have a wonderful day.

Phillane E'lee said...

Why thank you Miss Linda,
yes even though I am excited now to see it done, know it won't last long. But one can dream and I will go back to my clean a bit after each project. Got to get this house in order. tired of all the STUFF everywhere taking over my planned chaos. LOL
Oh I have another headache today. Not a bad one just there kinda. Took the good trusty tylenol and hoping that it will kick it bye bye. I am sure it is um- dust from the studio but hey at least it is getting one good cleaning. I vac but don't dust in there as I should.
Got to go, oh so very close to being done. YEH! Not going to bed till it is done.