Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just a bit further

I am still working on the studio and I must say that it was worse then I had thought but it is coming along. Going through all the tubs and having stuff in too many places still has some tweaking and fine tuning to do but it will come. I have to break down and buy a few more tubbies. The small kind but deeper cause I have a lot of little things for dollies and they need to be stored for each holiday. This is the wool cabinet. It holds the wools and Sherpa for bears and what nots.

See my drawers? I collect these old singer drawers for holding goodies. These hold my trims and one holds the rubber stamps that I use for my tags. I keep looking for more but it seems lots of folks got the idea that these are wonderful. I have three more but they are all too big to fit there. I even have a little nester( bird) hanging out in there in the wool cabinet. She is still homeless so she is nesting in my box till she finds a new home. It is fun to open the cabinet and see her waiting there for my pins.

Now this is one side of the closet. Just tubbies of more Stuff. The other side has the big,huge tubbies for inventory and a box of christmas stuff. labels are my new favorite thing. I had most of them labeled but now all of them are. Should make creating hopefully a bit faster. Ha ha!

Last but not least is something that I had made. Another birdie pinkeep. I love the softness of this one. It has flown safely to it's new owner. I am so very happy it will have such a nice home. I will have another one up for sale in a few days. They are wool inside and out so perfect for your pins. Just something fun.

Have a lovely day and I hope to show you all the finished pics of the studio tomorrow.


Heidi said...

What a sense of accomplishment you are going to have! I should be inspired to do the same but the kids are home because the temperature here is currently -26 degrees. Coldest it has ever been here near the banks of the Mississippi River.

Phillane E'lee said...

Hello Heidi,
I can't wait till it is done. I want to create so badly and yet can't due to the chaos. I have to get it all done.. Driving me bonkers to say the least.
Oh poor you! I will send warm happy thought your way. I have a friend that said it is to be -50 today with windchill.
stay warm my little friend

Countryfolk Keepsakes~Peanut said...

Ooooh! Look how nice and organized you are!! Heck, I could really use you at my house!
I love your birdie pinkeep too! It reminds me of spring. And with sub zero temps around these parts lately, I could use the reminder! :> )

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Pea, anytime you want to learn how to pinch your pennies..just let me know..I also invited you to my SCENTSY party on January 30th at 7pm...I hope you can make it...have a wonderful weekend..I can't wait to see what kinds of goodies you have stashed for me...:)

Jenny said...

wow, lots of stuff! tons of fabric. Funny, I always forget it you, till I see your profile picture... Maybe It will stick this time..

Phillane E'lee said...

ah Peanut! I hear ya honey. right after I go to cookies we will head on over. My Oh My it will be a busy year. LOL J.K.
I hear ya about spring. I am looking forward to it but not just yet. I want to get the house in order first then I can work on the yard. Yeee phttsttt. ha ha wishing you warm weather.

Phillane E'lee said...

we will chat soon Gina. Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday. With Mom in the hospital and all. Soon though I am sure. I will email ya.

Phillane E'lee said...

LOL you are funny Jenny. I guess I will have to change up the picture to keep ya guessing!
yes, lots of fabric and everything else. I am always trying something new. good grief I gotta find a way to stop that. I bet I have more yarn then you think too! Just a bag full. Just bits here and there though. Can't knit and crocheting hurts my hands now.
Have a good one

Anonymous said...