Saturday, January 10, 2009


I spent the greater part of the day going through fabric. Doing a bit of straightening. I can finally see my selection again. In one of two cabinets. Still have one more to go. Boy oh boy. I have so much here on the table that I know I will never be able to use it, so I have decided to have a sale and share the love of fabric. LOL

Fabric is so very expensive these days. If you use it you already know that. Some of this stuff I paid 12.00 a yard for. Yep, a wonderful extra thick flannel I bought for pillow cases. It has made all the cases I will ever make. I made over 100 of them for family and friends.

Whether you are old prim, shabby, whimsey or just folk art I have a little bit of everything. There are a ton of pictures so I will load them as time allows. If there is something that catches your fancy let me know. Prices start at 4.00 a yard. email me at Shipping cost will be actual shipping and I will send it the cheapest route unless you say otherwise.

Ultra thick, soft and yummy flannel described above. Green ( dark forest) and buttermilk color. WAS 12.00 a yard. The green measures~ 2.5 yards. $10.00 for the piece
Butter Milk flannel measures~1.5 yards $6.00 for the piece
Burg/black measures~2 yards ( regular weight)$2.00 for the piece

Cotton calico purchased as a set to make a quilt. Would be a pretty dolly dress as well.
I have 2 pieces of the floral with the lattice work.
1- measures 1 yard- $3.00
1- measures 1.25 yards $3.75
Coordinating floral 1 yard- $3.00
Cream crackle print~ 1 yard- $2.00
Tan~ 2- 1 yard pieces- $2.00 each

Mary Englebreit Out of Print fabric.
measures 2.25 yards -$6.75 for the piece
Would make a cute little jumper for a little girl.

Folkart angel print in tan/black.
measures~1.25 yards-$5.00

Sheep Folkart fabric. One of my favs. would be perfect with homespun for curtains.
measures~2.5 yards $10.00 for the piece

Okay well that is all for today. Will be adding more as time allows.
Happy creating my friends.


Dani said...

Hi Pea! Finally found you!!! LOL
Pea's Picker is gone, Anyhow I wanted to Thank you so much for my prize and the extras you put in my goodie box. Thank you sooo much!!!

Happy New Year!!

Heidi said...

Okay so I check my dashboard this morning and their are a lot of new post by some handbag and I look at my list of blogs I follow and I don't see anything about a handbag. I clicked on it and it was your old blog. I think someone has managed to hack into your old blog. Don't you just love people who do stuff like that? Glad I found you again. I think your pinkeep is adorable.

Phillane E'lee said...

You are most welcome dani,
sorry it was so very late.

Phillane E'lee said...

I know people are just sick. It is stupid cause that is a name no one will remember the addy too! LOL oh stupid, stupid is as stupid does. That is fine. I am done with it anyway and changed all my passwords so it is all good.
Thank you for your comments on my bird and glad you found me. I guess I should have announced it.
Have a great day.