Sunday, January 8, 2012

Just a wee peek

 Into my trim organization. Amy from Worker4ever123 requested a video on how I did my trims. So I did that this morning for her. It is only that. You will see that I am clearly a hoarder!! LOL I bet most of you knew that. I am still doing trims believe it or not. They aren't done yet and this is DAY THREE! OMG I didn't even know how many I had :(. LOL So guess what I will have in lots of projects this year? YEP! Trims you guessed it. LOL
 Have a wonderful week everyone. I will try to up date the blog again on Tuesday. More peeks.


Tracy said...

Nice organization my friend :)
Wow, I knew you had a lot of lace and trim, but man, girl you have ALOT.
I think you should share with your friend ;) teehee.
Oh I may say "eh" a bit, but I noticed you say "ya", teehee.

PEA said...

brat! Tracy! always picking on me... TTYS I hope one day this week but will be a very busy week.

Schell said...

Holy Cow Lady! You have a lot of trim and lace :0) Love those jetmax drawers. I'm always looking for more organization in my room :0) Hugs!

PEA said...

Hee hee Schell Bell you are right. I didn't even know I had that much until I wrapped it all.
Do love my jet max cubes. would love to get a few more. No room though:(