Thursday, January 3, 2013

Knee deep

 In "stuff". We call this organizing around here or "stuff Shifting" well that is the polite way of saying it. I think this shifting part I have down pat. I have been doing it most of my life but I am now trying to turn a new leaf. Out with the old ways and onto a simpler way of life. Stop the shifting( eh well as much as possible) I have still have a man in the house* wink*.
 The studio is what I am currently working on. I have  many plans in the spring for some painting and new shelves but for now I am going through EVERYTHING! I am going to get rid of all the stuff I don't use and have no plans for. That should free up some wiggle room in here. LOL I will be having a yard sale at mom's and purging a bit on line too. Just too much stuff. I am a hoarder you all knew that. So that is another thing I plan on working on again this year. To use it, or loose it. Like your mind if you don't use it is goes stale. Well so do trims, paints and papers will go out of date fast.
I will be removing all the pink in the room as well. It was added by my mom and as much as I love her I don't like it. It isn't me. All the furniture will be white, and accessories will be either black or white. The pop of color will be the artwork. What little I will have room for but there will be some.
 I  am excited to get it done although I know it will be mid summer before I will be able to complete it. At least I can get it organized now.

Oh and before I forget, Happy New Year!
 so what great plans do you have for the year?
 Only a few things for me.
Organizing my house, visiting my new Grandson, learning to take better pictures, buying a new PC, and revamping my gardens.


The Wooden Acorn said...

Your blog is funny and sweet. You sound determined to downsize. I say good for you.

Let me tell you that I had the opportunity and the experience of downsizing last year due to an out-of-state move. It was the most liberating feeling, to know what I packed and why. It made getting settled into my new sewing studio super easy. (whole house too).

Your studio makeover sounds fun....enjoy the change!

Valerie :-)

PEA said...

Thank you Valerie, I so appreciate your sweet comments.
Yes, I am determined. I have the need to just rid my mind and life of unwanted clutter. It has taken over for way too long.
You have just inspired me even further. this little room is my haven in my home. It has to be made special for me. I deserve it:)

Tracy said...

I love sh1t shifting...I learned from the best ;)
When I was in my scrap/craft/crap room last night, I just wanted to tear it apart and start new.
So when I am feeling up to par, that is an area where I am going to focus on as well.
Lets keep encouraging each other.

PEA said...

LOL girl, I am a master so any direction you need just holler;) Although I am sure you are close to being done. I know you are better at organizing then I am.
Hope you feel better soon.