Sunday, January 13, 2013

The overhaul continues

 Well still working on my studio. I do believe the overhaul will be wonderful when it is done. Lots yet to do. Right now I am placing all my stamps in CD cases. It is a big task but will be wonderful when done.
 After I get that done each cd will go into a basket for that type of stamp.Whether it be sentiments, MFT( yea they have their own basket;) or nature. There are a few more categories but I am still working the details on that out? I have a few sets to get rid of too. I also have larger sets that require a DVD case. I would love to have one type of case but my shelves can't hold all DVD cases and the cost would be just NUTS! As it is I have to order about 30 more or so to just hold what I have and give me a few more for back up;)
 The stamps are all in these baskets on the shelves you see in this photo

 Mom is still here with us. We expect and pray that the move to her new home will be very soon.  It is tough having her live here after all these years since I left home. We are making the best of it though. Bound to be a few hairy moments but we always manage to work it out, even if it means I let her win. LOL I  can be very competitive and so that is hard for me to do. LOL

 next will be the paper. BOY OH BOY. that will take a bit of work. LOL
 Have a wonderful day


Tracy said...

You are on a roll.
It is a long hard process, but you are farther along then I am..good for you.
All my best with your mom and hope she likes her new place.

PEA said...

thanks so much Tracy. I don't know if or when there will be a move, but it is what it is.
As for the room no more progress:( I hope to have it all organized by the 1st of feb.