Friday, September 19, 2008


Just found out that the dingleberries at EBAY have removed the art doll and primitive pulse pages. WHAT THE HELL FOR? It is ART for crying out loud. Well a form of art. Just major suckage as far as I am concerned.
They are making it loud and clear that they don't want our form of art on their site. Well they don't get how much of OUR money they GET!!! The fat lady hasn't sang yet but someone needs to fire the CEO!
Peeved P.


Raggedy Angel said...

That is unbeliveable! What is wrong with them are they brain dead? Beth

simple~needs said...

i am wondering if its a mistake??!!
thats sooo crazy!!

albasworld said...

Hiya Pea,

Of course it's an art form! I don't understand why they would do it. Where can we send our input to try and change their minds? Chat with you soon & hope you have a great weekend!

Hugs & smiles, alba

Pea said...

I think I am calling them on Monday. I am gonna complain. I know it won't do no good but heck what they are doing is crap.

Pea said...

I wish it was a mistake but I know they are trying to weed us out. Makes me madder then blue.

Pea said...

I don't know but I am sure somewhere on main page can be found. I am gonna call them. I think they are wacked. Plain and simple.

Shay said...

Oooh nice, geez they are a tad dense! Are they just trying to make eBay full of manufactured stuff, cause that's what it seems like. You look under primitives now a days and there really isn't that much handmade stuff any longer and it's a shame!!! Post that number so we can get to complaining! hehe!

Pea said...

I am with you Shay. It is just plain nuts. I wish someone would get fired and I know I could tell them how it should be done. LOL But then any gal probably could.Hey that is what they need.. A WOMAN IN CHARGE!!!! ROFLOL