Sunday, September 21, 2008



Well I had every intention of listing Scarlett~ Winter's Witch but she was seen by a customer and she had to go live with her. I really pulled out all the stops on this little gal. She has 2 hats, yep, 2 hats for 2 different looks, a banner/flag, and sweet purse too. Did I mention her little shoes. They are so sweet. I would have kept this little gal but I am thrilled that she sold so quickly and is going to such a good home. I have to Thank Tonya for the color choice on this little gal. I had the idea for Winter's witch and she said black and red. It all came together in Montana when I found that striped fabric. Thank you my friend.

Now I have nothing for ebay... Oh well not going so well there this week anyway. Maybe I can get one thing done for ebay this week. We shall see.

I have lots to do and don't get it done when I am here, so am off to play and work, work and play.

Have a wonderful week my friends.



~Tonya said...

So Happy that you sold Scarlett! I am sure your customer will be very happy.

With ebay fees on the rise, I am sure more and more people will sell "off" ebay in any form.

I just seen to sell a 12 dollar pattern, they take 1.44 as a final fee....and don't forget the listing fee and the paypal fee. That is crazy!

So, YAY for you Pea!!

old world primitives said...

Scarlett is so pretty - I love the two different hats that she comes with, too!


Anonymous said...

Well, that is the sweetest!!! She didn't even make it off your blog.. Hugs Pea and keep up the beautiful work! MO

Pea said...

Yep Tonya,
the fees are killing me. Not to mention the tissue, boxes and extra shipping.
But that is the way it goes huh? Better then driving to work everyday.

Pea said...

Thank you Stephanie.

Pea said...

Ah thank you Mo. Have a great week my dear.